Trade Bait, the Other Side of Miracles, Hockey Overseas, and Other Blackhawks Bullets

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Trade Bait, the Other Side of Miracles, Hockey Overseas, and Other Blackhawks Bullets

Chicago Blackhawks

Happy International Margarita Day, Glen Lerner Day, and Happy Jordin Tootoo Day to all of those who celebrate any and all of these holidays today!

The Blackhawks will be off until Friday as they continue their current homestand, where they are still trying to get their first win at the United Center since January 15. They still need to hire a GM and there are four weeks until the NHL Trade Deadline on March 21. Things are going … not well, to put it lightly.

•   So let’s have some fun. You get to play Blackhawks GM for the week. Send us your BEST trade offers. The term “BEST” is subjective!

•   We’ll go over some of our favorites later this week. This should be a lot of fun.

•   In the real trade market, The Athletic’s Eric Duhatschek has Marc-André Fleury, Dominik Kubalík, Calvin de Haan, and Brandon Hagel on his big board, having added Hagel since his first edition.

•   Duhatschek lists Hagel as a “medium” trade possibility, even though many Blackhawks fans want that to not be the case. If Hagel’s asking price from the Blackhawks is met in a trade package, I’m not sure how the team says no.

•   Another trade big board to keep an eye on is from Daily Faceoff’s Frank Seravalli. In his latest edition, Seravalli added Ryan Carpenter to his list, which also includes Fleury, Hagel, Kubalík, and de Haan.

•   Carpenter is a player for whom contending teams are willing to pay a small fee to have play an unsung role in a postseason run. He likely doesn’t have much of a future in Chicago, so if the Blackhawks could get anything for him as a pending unrestricted free agent, they should go for it.

•   42 years ago at the 1980 Winter Olympics, we believed in Miracles…

•   Team USA defeated the Soviet Union in their semifinal game at the 1980 Winter Games in Lake Placid, New York. A team much like the 2018 and 2022 Olympic squads, the 1980 team was made of all college players. Their win over the Soviet Union, which was considered the greatest hockey powerhouse on the planet at the time, has been called one of the greatest upsets in sports history.

•   To the U.S., this was a Miracle result. To the Soviets, this was no miracle. It was just another game, unfortunate to lose. I recommend watching the ESPN documentary “Of Miracles and Men” to get the other side of the story, which is just as fascinating as the U.S. side we have all come to romanticize.

•   Speaking of Russia, I try not to delve too much into the murky waters of foreign policy, but the situation between the Ukraine and Russia seems to be getting to a point where an international sport like Hockey starts to come into play when thinking about the ramifications of what might happen between the two nations.

•   Again, I’m not an expert, but TSN’s Gord Miller laid-out a number of scenarios to keep in mind if there is to be any major conflicts between the nation’s and what the fallout could entail from a Hockey standpoint.

•   Keeping in mind that the KHL is considered the second-best Hockey league in the world behind the NHL, the international representation within the league is large. Also, there are a number of top European NHL prospects that play in the KHL. If there were to be boycotts, sanctions, or anything of the sort, how would those players be impacted.

•   One thing we have seen develop from KHL club Jokerit, which is part of the Russian league but is based in Helsinki, Finland, is a push from the fans to have the club leave the league.

•   Chicago could be caught-up in anything that may happen in the fallout as they have been reportedly in the mix for upcoming Russian free agent Andrei Kuzmenko.

•   Again, it’s a difficult and delicate situation. Unfortunately, the Hockey world could get caught in the middle of something that goes WAAAY beyond sports in the grand scheme of things. Just something that is keeping my attention in the corner of my eye.

•   Mentioning Ukraine, the IIHF has levied a one-year suspension to Andri Denyskin stemming from his racial taunt towards Jalen Smereck.

•   Gee, only took them five months to come to a decision that only impacts him at the international level.

•   Ok, let’s get back to something a bit lighter. How does this image in this screenshot come about you ask?

•   That’s honestly something I’ve never seen before. Six players battling for a puck that wasn’t there. Amazing.

•   This guy…

•   Get over yourself.

•   An update on the MLB lockout, which might be good news?

•   I’m not the biggest baseball fan, but like, having Spring Training is a big sign that winter is coming to an end and warmer days are ahead. It just doesn’t feel the same.

•   While the Blackhawks are not going to be fighting for much down the stretch this season, the Bulls will be in a hot postseason race and they will be tested.

•   The NBA is better when Chicago is buzzing. Excited to see what these Bulls can do.

•   That will do it for today. Hope you all enjoy your Tuesday!

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