Four Blackhawks Land Among Seravalli's Top-40 Trade Targets

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Four Blackhawks Land Among Seravalli’s Top-40 Trade Targets

Chicago Blackhawks

As the days tick down between now and the trade deadline (March 21), things will hopefully begin to come into focus. Unfortunately, so far, there’s still more speculation than clarity. We’ll just keep rolling with the punches and try to flesh out the flow of information as it comes in.

For example … The Daily Faceoff’s Frank Seravalli dropped his latest installment of his Top-40 Trade Targets on Tuesday, and it featured a foursome of Blackhawks.

Let’s check in on the Blackhawks on Seravalli’s top-40:

No. 4 – Brandon Hagel (Last Week: 3)

Brandon Hagel checks in as the top Blackhawk on Seravalli’s list, and why not? Hagel holds more value than anyone on the roster not named Patrick Kane or Alex DeBrincat. I discussed why taking advantage of Hagel’s value might be a painful but necessary move to inject some life into the system and kickstart the Blackhawks rebuild on Tuesday, and it was met with a fair amount of disdain. That’s fine; I understand why. Did anyone see Hagel’s performance against the Anaheim Ducks last night? I know that scouts for 11 different teams who were in attendance at the United Center did too. That group included a Toronto Maple Leafs’ scout, a team known to have called Kyle Davidson about Hagel.

“If you’re looking for this year’s version of a Blake Coleman or Barclay Goodrow addition, look no further than Hagel, who has generated significant interest in Chicago.” Seravalli writes. “He recently whet everyone’s appetite with a hat trick against New Jersey, one of the teams that has been interested in him. Hagel has an outside shot at 30 goals this season. But it’s his contract and cost certainty that’s making teams drool. He is in first-round pick plus top prospect territory, which is understandable given the contract, his production, and his style of play. Provided that Davidson’s price is met, he’s a good bet to move.”

Could the Blackhawks hang on to Brandon Hagel and take advantage of his skills and his affordable cap hit? Sure. And to be clear, unless a team meets Davidson’s steep reported asking price, they should. But, if a team is willing to overpay for Hagel right now, then that’s a deal that the Blackhawks should make.

There’s always the concern of whether or not the future assets that the Blackhawks acquire will pan out or ever become as good as Brandon Hagel. There’s also the chance they will, and there’s also the chance that Brandon Hagel might never hold a higher trade value than he does right now. That’s the risk involved in this process.

Brandon Hagel is cheap right now, but if he ends up being as good as most people want him to be in two years, then he’ll come with a hefty extension expectation, one that might not fit with the Blackhawks plans at that point.

Kyle Davidson should be very stingy and selective with Brandon Hagel suitors over the next 12 days, but if he’s blown away by an offer that helps him build towards his goal, he should take it.

No. 6 – Marc-André Fleury (Last Week: 6)

This one is much simpler than the Brandon Hagel discussion; if he wants to go, there will be no shortage of suitors, and he’ll likely land the Blackhawks at least one first-rounder in a deal with a team in need of goaltending for their impending Stanley Cup Playoff run.

The ball is in Marc-André Fleury’s court at this point. With 10-team no-trade list and a gentleman’s agreement with the Blackhawks that they’ll only send him where he wants (and if he wants) to chase a Cup, his future is still very much an unknown. Fleury’s agent said earlier this week that contrary to some reports over the weekend, no decisions had been made, and everything is still on the table for Fleury’s future.

Toronto, Edmonton, Vegas, Colorado, and Washington all immediately come to mind as teams with cup aspirations who need a proven goaltender like Marc-André Fleury. If he OK’s it, he’ll be gone before the deadline.

No. 33 – Ryan Carpenter (Last Week: 20)

The 31-year-old center seems like the perfect veteran rental centerman who can provide a contender with valuable and reliable depth on their bottom line as we inch closer to the postseason. Carpenter is on an expiring contract with a $1 million cap hit, making him the prototypical veteran center who does the dirty work, kills penalties, and plays well in the defensive zone. I’d be all right with Carpenter coming back next year at a similar cap hit; after all, the Blackhawks will need competent NHL skaters to fill out the roster even if they’re rebuilding, but I would prefer to see the Blackhawks cash in on Carpenter before the deadline.

Seravalli mentions a reunion with Gerard Gallant with the New York Rangers as a potential fit for Carpenter.

No. 38 – Calvin de Haan (Last Week: X)

Calvin de Haan is the prototypical veteran defenseman trade deadline acquisition, and while he has struggled at times this season, he’ll be in play for plenty of teams looking for an upgrade or depth on their blueline. Here’s what de Haan told The Athletic’s Mark Lazerus about the possibility of being traded:

“At this point in my career, I think I’m kind of open to anything,” de Haan said. “That isn’t the politically correct statement, but it’s the truth. My wife and I love it in Chicago and if I’m a part of the plan and the future here, we’d obviously like to stay. But trades happen. At this point in my career, it’d be nice to get back in the playoffs, for sure. I had a taste of it in Carolina, a few times with the Islanders, as well. It doesn’t really compare to the regular season; it’s crazy. Even just watching it — I’m a fan of the game, too — it makes your hair stand up on the back of your neck a little bit. Whatever happens, it’s not up to me. But it’s not going to affect my play by any means. I’m still going to do my best to help whatever team I’m on win.”

At least he’s prepared for what will likely be inevitable in the next 12 days. Thanks for the memories, and best of luck.

Author: Patrick K. Flowers

Patrick is the Lead NFL Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @PatrickKFlowers.