LOL: Have You Seen the Ridiculous Patrick Kane Interview Yet?

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LOL: Have You Seen the Ridiculous Patrick Kane Interview Yet?

Chicago Blackhawks

Patrick Kane spoke with the NHL on TNT crew prior to puck drop in Anaheim tonight, and the eclectic TNT crew was not short on hard-hitting questions.

For example, comedian and actor Will Arnett fired off the first question, the one everyone wants to know, but no one (outside of a Hollywood personality pinch-hitter) would ask: “Who’s leaving first, you or Toews?”

With a chuckle – and a pretty stunned look on his face – Kane told Arnett: “Hopefully neith of us. We’ll see it all shakes out, though.”

But that wasn’t even the funniest part of the interview!

After taking some time to tell Wayne Gretzky how big of a fan he was growing up and how much he likes to model his game after his, particularly with regards to Gretzky’s knack for slowing things down with the puck to set teammates up for tip-in goals, something that Patrick Kane has become something of a master at in his career, Kane was asked an even better question.

Anson Carter asked Kane who he thought would win in a fight between Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson and Toronto Maple Leafs’ GM Kyle Dubas. If you’re not familiar, Dubas made it known in an interview with Kevin Weekes on ESPN earlier this week that he wasn’t happy about details of a proposed trade between the two that didn’t materialize hitting the public spectrum over the weekend.

“That’s a good question,” Kane said. “I think Kyle’s [Davidson] is a smaller guy, but I think he’s scrappy, so we’ll go with our guy.”

That’s just pretty darn funny. Probably more entertaining than the game that will follow it. In all seriousness, the most important thing that Kane said was in response to Wayne Gretzky’s question about being patient through a prolonged rebuild:

“I think that some things are out of your hands as a player, and I think you have to be professional as a player and just show up and play.”

Atta boy. Let’s stick with that mentality.

Author: Patrick K. Flowers

Patrick is the Lead NFL Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @PatrickKFlowers.