Murphy's Return, More Veterans' Summer Trade Reactions, a Lap with Frank the Tank, and Other Blackhawks Bullets

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Murphy’s Return, More Veterans’ Summer Trade Reactions, a Lap with Frank the Tank, and Other Blackhawks Bullets

Chicago Blackhawks

Today is Day Three of the Blackhawks’ training camp. We’ve seen a lot of skating, heard a lot of laughs and seen the team’s new head coach leading conditioning drills. Luke Richardson is everything that we were told he is during his hiring process and introductory press conference. So far, so good.

  • Connor Murphy joined the practice on Friday and did a nice job resuming his leadership role with the team. I’ve talked to a number of prospects about working with him in the offseason and every one of them has mentioned how Murphy is a terrific mentor.
  • Murphy was asked about the trades this summer, and he shared similar thoughts to Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews.

“It’s hard,” Murphy said. “I think whether it’s talking about a rebuild or if it’s back at the trade deadline, anytime you lose players and getting to know them personally and seeing them at weddings and stuff… went to Stromer’s wedding and saw guys there. Even guys who were here the years before. It’s really hard to develop a lot of relationships and get close with guys, but you understand it’s a business.”

  • Seth Jones also got a question about the rebuild — one that he clearly didn’t anticipate when he signed a lucrative eight-year deal with the Blackhawks last summer. But that doesn’t mean he wants out (yet).
  • It’s easy for us as fans to limit our appreciation for professional athletes to our view of them as on-ice or on-field commodities, but comments like this from Murphy and Seth Jones are a reminder that these guys are human beings who are trying to win. And chemistry is a huge part of any successful team. So rapid, significant turnover doesn’t help.
  • I spoke to a few players about Alec Regula, who will undoubtedly become part of many a Alec/Alex spellcheck debacles in the coming years with Alex Vlasic also battling for a roster spot. They’re both BIG BOYS who play the game with an ease that defies their size on the ice. Regula’s had a terrific camp and he’s ready for more NHL ice time. Read what Regula had to say about his progress and looking forward to the new season as a more comfortable professional player.
  • Patrick spoke with Isaak Phillips about his ongoing journey to the NHL. He got a taste of the league last year, but knows he has work to do to get up and stay there. Good read if you haven’t hit it yet.
  • Frank “The Tank” Nazar took a lap to introduce himself to Michigan fans. Boy, we’re gonna love this kid.
  • As we’ve noted a few times, two current Blackhawks — forwards Taylor Raddysh and Boris Katchouk — were members of the world junior team that’s being investigated from an alleged sexual assault by Hockey Canada. Katchouk was asked about his participation in the investigation on Friday.
  • We got a look at work at the dot on Saturday morning. Max Domi can learn a lot from Toews, who has been one of the best faceoff men of his generation. He got this one, but he’ll probably lose more than he wins against 19.
  • If Richardson wants/expects Domi to be his 1C with Kane this year, he’s going to need to win faceoffs. Working with/against Toews should help him get better.
  • Former Blackhawk Craig Anderson gave his son credit (?) for his gear design this season on Friday. This is a really cool way for a veteran to get his gear done with a truly personal feel. Hopefully fans are cool with his son’s design — no matter how Anderson performs on the ice.
  • Finally, we love seeing history happen in real time and last night Albert Pujols became the fourth player in history to reach 700 career home runs. It’s really an incredible accomplishment that we shouldn’t take for granted. And… even as Cubs fans, we should appreciate the career Pujols has put together (even if it feels like most of it has been at the Cubs’ expense).

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