2024 NHL Mock Draft: Stanley Cup Final Two-Round Update

Macklin Celebrini Boston University Frozen Four
Macklin Celebrini Boston University Frozen Four

The Stanley Cup Final is now set, so we know the order of the first 30 picks in the 2024 NHL Draft. So, it’s time to update our mock draft to reflect that reality.

The No. 1 pick in every mock draft on the interwebs is unanimous, and it should be. Macklin Celebrini is headed “home” to San Jose. But after that, the conversation gets hot and every pick from 2-32 is up for grabs.

So let’s get into it. Here’s how I see the first two full rounds playing out in less than one month when the names are called in The Sphere in Las Vegas.

2024 NHL Mock Draft — ROUND ONE

1. San Jose Sharks — Macklin Celebrini, C

6-0, 190
DOB: June 13, 2006
Shoots: Left
2023-24 Team: Boston University (NCAA — Hockey East)

The Sharks will take Celebrini at No. 1 in this draft. He’s the best, most pro-ready prospect in the class and they didn’t even hide who’s coming to San Jose after they won the draft lottery. This one’s in Sharpie, folks.

2. Chicago Blackhawks — Ivan Demidov, RW

5-11, 170
DOB: Dec. 10, 2005
Shoots: Left
2023-24 Team: SKA St. Petersburg (KHL)

I’m sticking with Ivan Demidov to the Blackhawks at No. 2 overall. His offensive skillset is too good to pass. I know there will be people who will point to his skating being a question. And I know people will beg for the potential top-pair RHD here. But if Demidov is legitimately another Kucherov, you put that with Connor Bedard for the next decade and address the right side of your blue line via free agency (in the short term) and later in the draft for the long term.

3. Anaheim Ducks — Artyom Levshunov, RHD

6-2, 200
DOB: Oct. 28, 2005
Shoots: Right
2023-24 Team: Michigan State (NCAA — Big Ten)

The Ducks are terrible defensively, so they should take the best defenseman on the board here. If it happens to be a player who could be a top pair RHD, even better.

4. Columbus Blue Jackets — Anton Silayev, LHD

6-7, 205
DOB: April 11, 2006
Shoots: Left
2023-24 Team: Nizhny Novgorod (KHL)

Silayev is signed thru the 2025-26 season in Russia, but Columbus has a new GM and they’re evaluating everything. So the contract issue isn’t an enormous deal in my opinion — assuming he confirms to them he’ll come over when it expires (or sooner if possible). Defensemen this size don’t grow on trees, y’all.

5. Montreal Canadiens — Cayden Lindstrom, C

6-3, 218
DOB: Feb. 3, 2006
Shoots: Left
2023-24 Team: Medicine Hat (WHL)

Lindstrom’s a big power forward who plays the game with strength and can move. The Habs need to add to their forward group so they aren’t drafting in the top ten for another decade. His size is a big selling point, the skill he brings with it keeps him in the top five in my mock draft.

6. Utah HC — Zeev Buium, LHD

6-2, 180
DOB: Feb. 7, 2006
Shoots: Left
2023-24 Team: University of Denver (NCAA – NCHC)

This would be a fantastic get for the new franchise in Utah. They need to build up their back end and Buium is a really good prospect whose stock has done nothing but climb since he showed well at the World Juniors and in the Frozen Four.

7. Ottawa Senators — Carter Yakemchuk, RHD

6-3, 195
DOB: Sept. 29, 2005
Shoots: Right
2023-24 Team: Calgary (WHL)

The Sens need a lot and will be open for business this summer, but taking a top-pair defenseman here is a need and they’ll have options. If one of Buium, Yakemchuk or Dickinson doesn’t go here I would be surprised.

8. Seattle Kraken — Sam Dickinson, LHD

6-3, 195
DOB: June 7, 2006
Shoots: Left
2023-24 Team: London Knights (OHL)

I like Seattle to address their blue line in the same way I see Ottawa taking the best defenseman on their board. Dickinson had a strong season for London and some think he could ultimately be the best defenseman in this class. Good get for the Kraken and their new head coach here.

9. Calgary Flames — Tij Iginla, F

6-0 185
DOB: Aug. 1, 2006
Shoots: Left
2023-24 Team: Kelowna (WHL)

This spot makes sense for Iginla based on his play, and his last name makes this a dream come true for lots of Flames fans. This might be the fastest any GM gets to the podium after the Sharks select Celebrini at No. 1 overall.

10. New Jersey Devils — Konsta Helenius, C/RW

5-11, 176
DOB: May 11, 2006
Shoots: Right
2023-24 Team: Jukurit (Liiga — Finland)

The Devils have a new head coach and need to improve with a young core that massively underwhelmed this season. Helenius might be pro-ready now, so a sign and AHL season scenario might happen. He isnt’ a big center, and might project to the wing, but this is a good player to a team that needs to get better asap.

11. Buffalo Sabres — Cole Eiserman, LW

6-0, 198
DOB: Aug. 29, 2006
Shoots: Left
2023-24 Team: US National Development Program

I think the Buffalo Sabres, who have most of their blue line locked-up long term already (and they’re all still young) could see Eiserman’s ability to put the puck in the net as a need filler. He’ll probably play at least one year of college hockey, but the Sabres get a sniper here. Eiserman is one of the biggest enigma’s in this year’s mock draft world, but I think this is his floor.

12. Philadelphia Flyers — Zayne Parekh, RHD

6-0, 181
DOB: Feb. 15, 2006
Shoots: Right
2023-24 Team: Saginaw (OHL)

How about a record-breaking defenseman who just put up 96 points in 66 games in his pre-draft season in the OHL? He played huge in the Memorial Cup, helping the hosts in Saginaw win the whole thing. I could easily see him going in the top ten overall, but the bigger defensemen are making their way up my board and he finds a nice landing spot in Philly.

13. Minnesota Wild — Berkly Catton, C

5-11, 163
DOB: Jan. 14, 2006
Shoots: Left
2023-24 Team: Spokane (WHL)

Catton is a stud and appears to be a consideration starting as high as Montreal in the top ten. But I see a bit of a slide now with defensemen climbing. If there’s a run on the blue line, this would be a great pickup for the Wild with their cap issues and a need for more scoring up front.

14. San Jose Sharks (from PIT) — Stian Solberg, LHD

6-2, 201
DOB: Dec. 29, 2005
Shoots: Left
2023-24 Team: Vålerenga (Norway)

The Sharks go defense here after selecting Celebrini first overall. Solberg has been flying up rankings of late and, as a player who’s a bit older, could be ready sooner than later. That timeline could benefit the Sharks quickly as they bring young players into the NHL roster beginning this season with Will Smith and, likely, Celebrini.

15. Detroit Red Wings — Beckett Sennecke, RW

6-2, 181
DOB: Jan. 28, 2006
Shoots: Right
2023-24 Team: Oshawa (OHL)

I’ve had Sennecke in the 18-22 range in most of my mock drafts, but his stock might be climbing faster than anyone in this draft class right now. He has good size and plays a good, pro-quality game. But a playoff run of 10 goals and 12 assists in 16 games for Oshawa has him looking more and more like a guy who’s going to be off the board in the top 15 overall. Detroit is a good fit for him.

16. St. Louis Blues — Adam Jiricek, RHD

6-2, 176
DOB: June 28, 2006
Shoots: Right
2023-24 Team: HC Plzeň

The Blues need to improve their blue line and Jiricek is the best defenseman available here. They’ll be tempted by some of the offensive options still available, but grabbing a defenseman makes too much sense for St. Louis in this mock draft.

17. Washington Capitals — Igor Chernyshov, LW

6-2, 192
DOB: Nov. 30, 2005
Shoots: Right
2023-24 Team: MHK Dynamo Moskva (MHL – Russia)

Chernyshov might be a more talented, skilled player than falling to 17 would warrant, but the questions about KHL contract status and politics could cause a slide here. But the team with The Great Eight on the roster might be a good spot for him to land. He has good size and plays the game in a way that could translate to the NHL effectively.

18. Chicago Blackhawks (from NYI) — Michael Brandsegg-Nygård, RW

6-1, 195
DOB: Oct. 5, 2005
Shoots: Right
2023-24 Team: Mora IK (Sweden)

Michael Brandsegg-Nygård is the kind of prospect who helps the job security of the GM who drafts him. He’s a responsible forward who plays a full, 200-foot game with good size. This feels like the perfect pick for the Blackhawks. I noted in my previous mock draft that it didn’t feel likely that he would slide to the Hawks at 20. 

19. Vegas Golden Knights — Liam Greentree, RW

6-2, 198
DOB: Jan. 1, 2006
Shoots: Left
2023-24 Team: Windsor (OHL)

The Golden Knights are a big team, so drafting a big forward makes sense. Greentree is a power forward who fits their NHL mold well. Now, whether or not he makes the NHL with Vegas is a question; they haven’t valued their prospects much as they went all-in right away.

20. New York Islanders (from CHI) — Michael Hage, C

6-1, 190
DOB: April 14, 2006
Shoots: Right
2023-24 Team: Chicago Steel (USHL)

Hage, a Michigan commit, is a strong center who could spend a year or two in college and then make the jump to the Islanders. They need offense, and he would be a nice addition to a thin prospect pool.

21. Los Angeles Kings — Trevor Connelly, LW

6-0, 161
DOB: Feb. 28, 2006
Shoots: Left
2023-24 Team: Tri-City (USHL)

A Providence College commit, Connelly has had some off-ice issues that could cause him to slide. The Athletic published a piece on those. But the Kings have a veteran roster and front office that wants to win sooner than later, and Connelly’s skill is too much for them to pass this late in the first round.

22. Nashville Predators — Jett Luchanko, C

5-11, 185
DOB: Aug. 21, 2006
Shoots: Right
2023-24 Team: Guelph (OHL)

If the Preds are hunting for a center, a run on them before this pick isn’t ideal. But Luchanko is another players whose stock is rising; I’ve had him going to the Rangers at the end of the round in most of my mock drafts to this point but he appears to be headed into the low-20s at this point. Barry Trotz wants to be stronger down the middle and this would be a good get for him.

23. Toronto Maple Leafs —  Charlie Elick, D

6-3, 200
DOB: Jan. 17, 2006
Shoots: Right
2023-24 Team: Brandon (WHL)

I’m going back to the well here and mocking Elick to the Leafs. They need defensemen. They need tough guys. They need size. Elick is all of that. If a front office under fire can check all of the boxes with their first-round pick, it’s a win. And this does that for Toronto.

24. Colorado Avalanche — Cole Beaudoin, C

6-2, 201
DOB: April 24, 2006
Shoots: Left
2023-24 Team: Barrie (OHL)

The Avs have been searching for a second-line center since Nazem Kadri left. They did add Casey Mittelstadt at the deadline, but he doesn’t have the size of Beaudoin. This kid has really good size, is considered an exceptional defensive center, and scored 28 goals in 67 games in the OHL in his pre-draft season. This would be a nice pick for the Avs.

25. Ottawa Senators (from BOS) — Sacha Boisvert, C

6-2, 180
DOB: March 27, 2006
Shoots: Left
2023-24 Team: Muskegon (USHL)

After Ottawa went defense early, they come back with an intriguing center here who has some decent size and is a good skater. He’s headed to North Dakota to get some college hockey experience.

26. Montreal Canadiens (from WPG) — Nikita Artamonov, RW

5-11, 187
DOB: Nov. 17, 2005
Shoots: Left
2023-24 Team: Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod (KHL)

I have the Habs going forward with both picks in this mock draft. Artamonov is signed in the KHL thru 2025-26, but he appeared in 54 games in the top Russian league this past year. He’s a bit older in this draft, so he could be a quicker turn to the NHL once he’s able to come over. A good lottery ticket with a second pick in the first round.

27. Carolina Hurricanes — Terik Parascak, RW

5-11, 180
DOB: May 28, 2006
Shoots: Right
2023-24 Team: Prince George (WHL)

Parascak has been a very productive player in the WHL this season, posting 105 points — including 43 goals — in 68 games. Carolina has a lot of financial decisions coming: they have ten forwards on their current NHL roster who are UFA or RFA this summer or next summer. And now they have a new general manager to make those decisions. 

28. Calgary Flames (from VAN) — EJ Emery, RHD

6-3, 185
DOB: March 30, 2006
Shoots: Right
2023-24 Team: USNTDP

I had the Flames taking Iginla earlier, so taking a big body to help their back end here makes sense to balance their first round. Emery is a strong defenseman who will head to North Dakota this fall.

29. Dallas Stars — Emil Hemming, RW

6-2, 198
DOB: June 27, 2006
Shoots: Right
2023-24 Team: TPS (Liiga — Finland)

The Stars have a really nice collection of young forwards impacting their NHL roster already, but this would be a slide for Hemming. He’s been all over the place in recent draft rankings; Corey Pronman hasn’t even mentioned him yet while Scott Wheeler has him in the top 20 overall — and they’re at the same publication. Hemming has the size Dallas likes and plays a good, pro-caliber game.

30. New York Rangers — Julius Miettinen, C

6-3, 207
DOB: Jan. 20, 2006
Shoots: Left
2023-24 Team: Everett (WHL)

The Rangers need to bolster their depth down the middle with some questions about Filip Chytil’s ability to come all the way back — and stay in the lineup. Miettinen is a bigger player than Luchanko who was still very productive in the WHL this past season. A disappointing end to their season will have the Rangers looking to bolster their roster.

31. Anaheim Ducks (from EDM) —  Jesse Pulkkinen, LHD

6-6, 216
DOB: Dec. 27, 2004
Shoots: Left
2023-24 Team: JYP (Liiga)

I’m going with two defensemen for the Ducks because they’re terrible defensively. And if they eventually have a top-four that includes Levshunov and Pulkkinen, that could be dangerous. This kid is enormous and has been one of the more enigmatic blue line prospects in this draft (because of that size). I think the Ducks will take the biggest back end body on the board here late in the first round.

32. Philadelphia Flyers (from FLA) — Ryder Ritchie, C/RW

6-0, 174
DOB: Aug. 3, 2006
Shoots: Right
2023-24 Team: Prince Albert (WHL)

The Flyers went defense earlier in the first round, so they grab a versatile forward here to close the first round. Ritchie plays a strong game and could be a solid addition to their prospect pool.

2024 NHL Mock Draft — ROUND TWO

33. San Jose Sharks — Maxim Massé, RW
34. Chicago Blackhawks — Dean Letourneau, C
35. Anaheim Ducks — Yegor Surin, C/RW
36. Philadelphia Flyers (from CBJ) — Aron Kivijarju, LHD
37. Winnipeg Jets (from MTL) — Dominik Badinka, RHD
38. Utah HC — Sam O’Reilly, RW
39. Ottawa Senators — Marcus Gidlof, G
40. Seattle Kraken — Adam Jecho, RW
41. Calgary Flames — Leo Sahlin Wallenius, LHD
42. San Jose Sharks (from NJ) — Ilya Nabokov, G
43. Buffalo Sabres — Teddy Stiga, LW
44. Pittsburgh Penguins (from PHI) — Matvei Gridin, C/LW
45. Minnesota Wild — John Mustard, C
46. Pittsburgh Penguins — Alfons Freij, LHD
47. Detroit Red Wings — Tanner Howe, LW
48. St. Louis Blues — Cole Hutson, LHD
49. Utah HC (from WSH) — Mikhail Yegorov, G
50. Chicago Blackhawks (from NYI) — Adam Kleber, RHD
51. Philadelphia Flyers (comp) — Andrew Basha, LW
52. Washington Capitals (from VGK) — Linus Eriksson, C
53. Nashville Predators (from TB) — Henry Mews, RHD
54. New York Islanders (from CHI) —  Simon Zether, C
55. Nashville Predators — Marek Vanacker, LW
56. St. Louis Blues (from TOR) — Carter George, G
57. Montreal Canadiens (from COL) — Harrison Brunicke, RHD
58. Anaheim Ducks (from BOS) — Jack Berglund, C
59. Nashville Predators (from WPG) — Justin Poirier, RW
60. Carolina Hurricanes — Miguel Marques, RW
61. New York Islanders (from CHI) — Ondřej Becher, C
62. Calgary Flames (from DAL) — Christian Humphreys, C
63. Seattle Kraken (from NYR) — Matvei Shuravin, LHD
64. Edmonton Oilers — Niilopekka Muhonen, LHD
65. Utah TBD (from FLA) — Lucas Pettersson, C

written by

Tab Bamford has been writing about the Chicago Blackhawks for almost two decades. He joined Bleacher Nation as the lead Blackhawks writer in May 2022. Tab is a member of the Professional Hockey Writers Association and is the author of two books about the Blackhawks: "100 Things Blackhawks Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die" (Triumph Books) and "Chicago Blackhawks: An Illustrated Timeline" (Reedy Press, 2021). Find him on Twitter/X/Instagram/Threads at @The1Tab

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