Comparing Drafts, Frequency of First-Round Trades, Bulls Top-Scorers, Lauri, Rogers, and Other Bullets

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Comparing Drafts, Frequency of First-Round Trades, Bulls Top-Scorers, Lauri, Rogers, and Other Bullets

Chicago Bulls

Although I was excited to see whom the Cubs drafted in the first and second round of the 2019 MLB Draft last night, I can’t help but remember and admit how much more boring the MLB draft is than the NBA and/or NFL draft.

Not only do top prospects in the NBA and NFL draft get to impact their big league team FAR sooner than they do in baseball, the Cubs haven’t had a good pick near the top of the draft since 2015. Obviously, that’s because they’ve been good – which, yeah, that’s the goal – but I love draft stuff and top prospects and its already hard enough to come by when your team does have a good pick.

And without the ability to trade MLB draft picks (again: unlike the NBA and NFL drafts), there’s just less reason for most fan bases to follow along. The result is a draft night that’s arguably less publicized than the NBA Draft lottery night.

  • Speaking of drafts, we are just over two weeks away from the 2019 NBA Draft (Thursday, June 20th), are you getting nervous yet?
  • As far as I can tell, most pundits still seem to believe Coby White is the guy for the Bulls and someone with a reasonable shot at being available when they go on the clock with the No. 7 overall pick. Of course, they’ve also been attached to Cam Reddish (and a few others, albeit less frequently) quite a bit, too. ESPN Insider has the Bulls selecting White as recently as yesterday, if both he and Reddish were available when NO. 7 comes up. Which brings me to an important, but not always clearly stated point: White may appear to be a better positional fit than Reddish and that might be enticing for fans looking to round out a starting five and get this rebuild behind us, but I’m pretty strictly “best player available” whenever you’re this far out from having the perfect team.
  • If that player is White (it is, I’m just illustrating a point), then great! The Bulls should take him. But if they believe Reddish or anybody else is the better overall player, but refuse to select that player for a positional fit, I think that’s largely a mistake. Again, maybe that seems obvious, but all too often rebuilding teams avoid best-available for best fit and it drives me nuts.
  • With all of that said, someone with some Wikipedia editing access is either calling their shot … or having some fun with a fan base:

  • For what it’s worth, the Bulls might need to consider trading out of the 7th overall pick if neither White nor Darius Garland are on the board, when the time comes. I suppose they could always trade up to get one of those guys also, but given what it costs to do so, I just wouldn’t count on it. With that said, according to ESPN, an average of 7.7 first-round picks per year have been involved in draft-day trades since 2005, which seems shockingly high.
  • They also found this, which I found interesting:

  • In case you missed the update yesterday, the Bulls wound up hiring Roy Rogers as an assistant coach and defensive specialist. We got into his background and merits in that post, but there were also a few fun little bits about him. Like the fact that he was once traded as part of a package for Scottie Pippen and also this:

  • Okay, this is the coolest thing I’ve seen today:

  • And finally, Lauri is home:

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