Do the Bulls Already Have a Star-to-Be on the Roster? And Other Bullets

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Do the Bulls Already Have a Star-to-Be on the Roster? And Other Bullets

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Welp, my comparison to the 2012 NBA Finals was clearly wrong.

I’ll admit, I didn’t think the Raptors had this in them. After Game 1, I really felt like the Warriors were going to go out and pick up four-straight victories. Of course, until the Raptors are hoisting the Larry O’Brien Trophy I refuse to believe this series isn’t the Warriors for the taking.

All right, I’m sorry, I have to interrupt our normal scheduled basketball talk for this message: THE CUBS GOT CRAIG KIMBREL!! LET’S GOOO!

Okay, back to basketball…

  • The Chicago Tribune’s K.C. Johnson did another Q&A with Bulls fans where he gave his thoughts on some important offseason questions. You should defintiely go check out the full article to see if he answered any of your lingering questions, but I want to focus on his two last responses right now.
  • In short, Johnson emphasizes the importance of the Bulls adding a star. He claims that without a sure-fire star on the team, the organization is currently heading back toward life before the Butler trade (ouch). Johnson even goes as far as to compare the potential situation to the Deng-Gordon-Hinrich teams (ouch-er!), something that, while fun, was never going anywhere.
  • He mentions that there is potential for a current roster member to develop into that star, but he remains unsure of whom that could be. For the most part, I agree with everything Johnson is saying here. The only aspect I’d pick apart is that I think this starting group (minus a PG) has the potential to achieve more consistent success than the Bulls teams before and after D-Rose. The best the Deng-Gordon-Hinrich group did was head to the second round of the playoffs during the 2006-07 season (lost 4-2 to the Pistons). I think it’s already fair to argue that a starting lineup with fully-healthy Lauri Markkanen, Zach LaVine and Wendell Carter Jr. could squeak into the playoffs with a little more experience under its belt. Not to mention, once the point guard position is filled and depth is added to the bench, this team could really be competing with the best of them in a topsy-turvy Eastern Conference.
  • Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s important to define a star. However, the optimist in me says the Bulls are set up better right now to compete in the long-run than in years prior. With a more complete bench, the trio of Markannen, LaVine and Carter Jr. has me feeling way more confident than Deng-Gordon-Hinrich or Butler-Wade-Rondo (yeah remember that was a thing?). Yet again, I could just be falling for GarPax’s evil tricks.
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  • NBC Chicago Sports has been outlining some options for the Bulls if the team decides to trade down on draft night. Most recently, they took a closer look at Indiana point guard Romeo Langford. Originally, Langford was projected as a top-5 draft pick before beginning his college career, and his time at Indiana did anything but help him. Langford has slid down the draft board for a multitude of reasons, one of which is his lackluster shooting percentage behind the arc (27.2 percent). Most importantly though, it seems to be Langford’s drive and enthusiasm on the court has turned teams away. The IndyStar’s Greg Doyel has a nice column from back in March that describes all of this well. No doubt, the guy has a set of skills that if finetuned could be really intriguing, but it appears he will be much more of a project than many teams expected.
  • My goodness, Joakim!

  • ICYMI: The Bulls are reportedly interested in signing Marcus Morris this season. Thoughts?


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