Can Zach LaVine Be *THE* Guy for the Bulls? And Other Bullets

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Can Zach LaVine Be *THE* Guy for the Bulls? And Other Bullets

Chicago Bulls

Um, guys, the Raptors have a chance to win the NBA Finals tonight.

Remember when I said this reminded me of the 2012 NBA Finals? Yeah, well I’m sitting here freezing, because that was one heck of a cold take. But whatever. I’ll take the frostbite in stride. Watching Kawhi Leonard put together one of the best NBA Finals runs in history has been extremely enjoyable. If Toronto wins this, he has to stay, right?

Also – low key – I want to see how rowdy Toronto gets if they win. I feel like it will be the most respectful post-victory riot ever. Instead of starting fires the Canadian fans will just march over to the fire department and help them put any out. All right, I’m excited, now bullets!

  • Zach LaVine got the full Wrigley treatment this weekend (jealous?). Not only did the Bulls shooting guard throw out the first pitch (he got it over the plate!), but before the game, he also hung out with Kris Bryant and took part in batting practice. In his interview with NBC Chicago Sports’ Kelly Crull, he admitted none of his hits landed over the ivy, but, if you ask me, his swing is looking nice.

  • Okay, so I was actually at this game and this whole thing got me thinking: Why can’t Zach LaVine be the savior the Bulls need? When climbing out of a rebuild, it always helps to have a defined leader and face to the franchise. And LaVine’s showing at Wrigley this past Friday was a solid demonstration of his overall swagger and charisma. When re-watching the interview above, not to mention his offseason workout footage, I just couldn’t help but think this is one cool dude.
  • And let’s not forget: LaVine is only 24-years-old and coming off his best season in the NBA. He still feels more like an NBA supporting cast member, than a full-on leading man right now, but that could change. I mean, he has won two (pretty incredible) dunk contests in the past and just had a season (coming off an injury) wherein he averaged 23.7 points per game. I know that number can be a bit inflated when your team is in tank mode, but we can’t deny that he’s shown signs of being a dominant offensive player.
  • Also, it feels like LaVine is fully on board for his takeoff. Whether it be online, at Wrigley or even on television (he tested his wits on Jimmy Kimmel the other night), LaVine embraces being in the limelight.

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  • ESPN’s NBA Draft Analyst Mike Schmitz has been breaking down the top draft candidates in some scouting videos lately. And considering the Bulls have been in the conversation for Hunter and Culver, I would recommend checking those out. He points out that Reddish is next and, I’m assuming, White will follow.


Author: Elias Schuster

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