Getting to Know Potential Bulls First-Round Draft Target Jarrett Culver (Who Was in Chicago Today!)

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Getting to Know Potential Bulls First-Round Draft Target Jarrett Culver (Who Was in Chicago Today!)

Chicago Bulls

On Thursday, June 20th, the Chicago Bulls will go on the clock with the No. 7 overall pick for the third season in a row. What they do with that pick – whether it’s using it themselves or trading up/down – will go a long way towards defining the rest of this rebuild, and, indeed, how quickly it’ll all finally be over. 

With that in mind, we’re going to take a look at some of the more realistic and recent draft prospects attached to the Bulls over the next two weeks, to see who might be a fit or not. 

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Jarrett Culver was not a lottery pick heading into this season. But now, he’s projected to be a top-5 pick in several mock drafts. During the season, Culver was able to put his entire versatile skill set on display as Texas Tech headed toward a championship appearance. Whether it was coming through in the clutch or dishing out the right assists, Culver was the heart and soul of the Red Raiders.

The interest from the Bulls has definitely been solidified here lately, as it looks like Culver is the first name Chicago is working out for the No. 7 draft pick. Last week, we wrote about how Culver was reportedly coming to workout with the Bulls:

Work Profile:

Final College Season Stat Line:

  • GS/GP: 38/38
  • FG%: 46.1
  • 3FG%: 30.4
  • FT%: 70.7
  • Rebounds per game: 6.4
  • Assists per game: 3.7
  • Turnovers per game: 2.7
  • Steals per game: 1.5
  • Points per game: 18.5


Culver has an NBA-ready jump shot that he can sink from practically anywhere inside the arc. He also has smooth footwork that helps him methodically work past defenders and score in the paint. Watching Culver play almost feels like you’re already watching an NBA player. He plays with a relatively surprising level of maturity for a 20-year-old and can facilitate a game better than many of his NBA-draft counterparts.

On the defensive end, Culver checks almost every box. Thanks to his long frame and basketball IQ, he’s able to stay in front of forwards and guards alike. Overall, the most intriguing thing about Culver is the fact that it already feels like he can satisfy immediate playing time on an NBA roster. Enjoy the highlights!


We can talk all we want about how well-rounded Culver is as a player, but that actually may be his biggest problem when thinking about his long-term NBA potential. At the moment, he doesn’t specialize in any aspect of the game and it’s hard to find a place where he could. Part of that is attributed to the fact that his body frame could work for both the small forward and shooting guard position, but his athleticism isn’t strong enough to solidify him in one spot or the other.

A lot of Culver’s success comes from his understanding of the game, which isn’t necessarily a major problem, but it can often limit your ceiling. Also, Culver’s three-point shot took a hit last season. Interestingly enough, during his first season with Texas Tech, he was pretty lights out from behind the arc. As a freshman, Culver shot 38.2 percent from three and that number then dropped all the way down to 30.4 percent during his sophomore year. With today’s NBA in mind, Culver better look to reverse this trend.

Current Bulls “Fit”

If we’re being honest, Culver’s fit on the Bulls isn’t necessarily perfect. Considering Chicago already has Zach LaVine and Otto Porter holding down the fort, moving up the depth chart at that position isn’t necessarily possible. However, the Bulls do need some big-time help with leveling out their roster. Depth at every position is worth improving and getting a guy like Culver to lead the team’s second unit each game definitely carries a lot of upsides.

The transition might be smooth for Culver too, who thrives when he’s in control and “the guy” on a team. Also, the Bulls may not be looking for many “project” players anymore as they try to work their way out of this rebuild. With that in mind, Culver has the ability to be a mature-presence that can most likely come in and adjust quickly to NBA life.

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