Rumor Roundup: Bulls in a Three-Team Trade, Dangling the No. 7 Pick, Eyes on Irving and Russell, More

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Rumor Roundup: Bulls in a Three-Team Trade, Dangling the No. 7 Pick, Eyes on Irving and Russell, More

Chicago Bulls

Ah, the sweet smell of NBA gossip in the air!

We might be waiting for the NBA Finals to reach its dramatic conclusion, but NBA front offices have already started their offseason. Plenty of rumors have hit the Twitterverse and the Chicago Bulls are right in the thick of it! Here’s the latest.

  • If you follow us, or anything about the Bulls for that matter, then you know the Lonzo Ball talk has been heating up once again. With Pelicans new vice president of basketball operations David Griffin picking up the phone for Anthony Davis trades, the Bulls have been discussed as the appropriate third-team fit for a possible trade with the Lakers. And, I guess, a trade could look something like this.

  • When evaluating this trade, I only have more questions than answers. Are the Bulls really benefiting from that trade? You add Ball at the point guard position, but now you are stuck with a hole at shooting guard. I think NBC Chicago Sports’ Kevin Anderson poses the concern well…

  • If you don’t need a point guard, the No. 4 pick is just not that much more valuable than the No. 7 pick. The 2019 draft is top heavy and after the top-3 players, everything kind of blends together. The desire to move up in the draft for the Bulls would completely be about being able to assure themselves of selecting Darius Garland or Coby White … so if they add a starting point guard to the roster before draft night, it just doesn’t make sense to move up.
  • The initial idea of LaVine being involved in the Bulls trade was rooted in something Zach Lowe said on his podcast. He went on to later clarify that his conversation about LaVine wasn’t driven by prior reporting but rather speculation.

  • Nonetheless, the Bulls did, in fact, indirectly comment that they are willing to trade anyone other than Lauri Markkanen and Wendell Carter Jr. We talked all about that yesterday, and since that is true, it’s reasonable to believe LaVine could be on the trading block.
  • The Chicago Tribune’s K.C. Johnson went on the Bulls Talk podcast with Mark Schanowski to talk about a bunch of hot offseason topics. At the very end of the podcast, Johnson brings up that he senses the Bulls are very much trying to make a trade come draft night. Unfortunately, my gut feeling is the same. The Bulls made it obvious yesterday they were open for business. And it does not feel like the Bulls are trying to hear things out; instead, it feels like they might be the ones who want teams to listen.
  • Also, the fact that the organization is dangling the No. 7 pick could hint that the Bulls aren’t confident they’ll get the player they want if they remain in that spot. Keeping that in mind, the question becomes whether the Bulls take the best available player, trade up or trade down.

  • Outside something that directly impacts the Bulls, Kyrie Irving parted ways with his longtime agent after declining to pick up the Celtics $21.3 option (as expected) and the joined forces with Roc Nation. In case you don’t know Roc Nation, that’s Jay-Z’s agency where he represents a number of celebrities, including many basketball players.

  • The rumors about Irving going to the Nets started a little while ago now, but this adds to the fire. Jay-Z is one huge Brooklyn supporter and it’s always possible he gives his boy Kyrie a little shove in a specific direction.
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  • Plus, if the Nets sign Kyrie Irving, it’s hard to imagine them keeping D’Angelo Russell around. The team may have two max slots, but giving them both to a traditional point guard may be a bit awkward. Perhaps Russell would feel more inclined to accept an offer in the Windy City? They have been connected before. But keep in mind, the Bulls would still need to up their cap space to make this happen and an on-court fit between LaVine and Russell wouldn’t necessarily be the best. But, hey, he is talented.
  • I’m not sure if this necessarily would qualify as a rumor, but point guard Ryan Arcidiacono could be seen in the background of the pictures taken during a recent workout at the Bulls training facility. Markkanen, LaVine, Carter Jr, Otto Porter and Chandler Hutchinson were all getting in time together at the gym. I would consider it rather strange if Arcidiacono was hanging around and not in the plans to come back next season. He is a restricted free agent who got a handful of minutes playing at the point guard spot last season, so the Bulls keeping him around next year for depth purposes would make sense.

Author: Elias Schuster

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