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The Bulls Could Be Angling For a Draft Day Trade and Other Bullets

Chicago Bulls

Thoughts on who will win tonight’s Game 6 of the NBA Finals? I’m really leaning toward the Warriors once again. The story of playing for Kevin Durant at Oracle just feels too powerful. Then again, the Raptors almost won in Game 5 and the Warriors looked to be giving it their absolute all.

Let me know what you’re thinking!

  • When the Chicago Tribune’s K.C. Johnson talks Bulls, you listen. He hopped on the Bulls Talk podcast with Mark Schanowski to put together a show packed with rumors. The two discussed a load of relevant offseason topics, such as potential free agent targets and draft-day trades on June 20th. I definitely recommend you give this one a listen:

  • Among the things I wanted to point out here was something that was also on my mind, which is the idea that the Bulls could be making a draft-day trade. Johnson said his gut feeling is that the Bulls could be going that route on draft day, and I can see it, too.
  • After all, the Bulls are believed to be open to trading anyone not named Lauri Markkanen or Wendell Carter Jr., which is practically suggesting the team is open to Zach LaVine and Otto Porter. Or it could be hinting at how open the Bulls are to doing business. If you’re a believer in the concept of there being fire where there’s smoke, then you’re probably going to want to join us in keeping a close eye on this.
  • With all the buzz surrounding the Bulls having everyone but Markkanen and Carter Jr. available in trade discussions makes me feel like they’re on the hunt for a deal. Oh, and there’s that reported interest in Lonzo Ball that just won’t go away. Overall, I feel much less certain than previous years that the Bulls will stay put at No. 7.
  • We’ll expand on some other topics that stemmed from this podcast later today. But while our mind has shifted to the upcoming NBA Draft, Brandon Clarke’s name doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon:

  • The Bulls were linked to Clarke at No. 7 in a few early mock drafts, but the hype has died down and he might not be a fit for that pick. And after hearing Schanowski’s player comp, maybe that’s alright.
  • Keep the draft content coming! K.C. Johnson opened up his mailbag once again for an NBA Draft themed Q&A. A lot of good questions are in there, so make sure to check it out to see if he talked about anything you may have been curious about!
  • The draft is coming:

  • See! You can find value at No. 7:

  • Watch this video and allow yourselves to re-live the glory days rather than stress during this dark time in Bulls fandom:

  • The drive for five was pretty sweet:

  • I definitely wouldn’t have guessed this, but good for Porter:

  • Shockingly, Porter was ranked 86th on the list just behind the Cleveland Browns Odell Beckham Jr., which feels weird to say. Last season, Porter brought in a total of $26.5 million thanks to his NBA salary and endorsements.
  • Okay online Bulls universe, do your freakout thing:

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