Chris Paul Reportedly Wants Out of Houston

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Chris Paul Reportedly Wants Out of Houston

Chicago Bulls

Welp, I guess it’s another divorce for Chris Paul.

As Goodwill reports, the increasingly frayed relationship between Paul and James Harden has reached a him-or-me moment, and it ain’t gonna be Paul. Good read there from Goodwill.

Paul, 34, has seen a steep performance decline in Houston, owing in equal parts to aging, injuries, and having to work with a ball-dominant star like Harden, whose style may not mesh with Paul’s going forward even if the two were getting along.

The rub in any deal, of course, is the massive four-year, $160 million contract Paul signed just a year ago. As we’ve already discussed this offseason, while Paul might be an on-paper fit for the Bulls based on the talent and the position (and the fact that free agents of his caliber aren’t exactly lining up to join the Bulls right now), it doesn’t make sense for them to devote such a significant chunk of resources to an uncertain, pricey, veteran point guard. The goal should be to continue to grow with a young core, demonstrate what they can be in this coming season, and then look to add an impact player or two when both the competitive and financial pictures look a little brighter.

As for what other teams might be interested in Paul? The answer would seem like “none” until and unless the Rockets figure out a way to HEAVILY incentivize the trade of a contract that pays Paul $38.5M, $41.4M, and $44.2M over the next three seasons, respectively. Woof.

For more on the not-so-great fit with the Bulls:

Author: Brett Taylor

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