Coby White is Already Bonding with His Teammates and Other Bullets

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Coby White is Already Bonding with His Teammates and Other Bullets

Chicago Bulls

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  • It’s hard not to feel hopeful coming off the NBA Draft, especially this year. I have to keep forcing my brain to believe the Chicago Bulls did, in fact, have a good draft night. The introductory press conference yesterday was simple, but somewhat sprinkled with hope. New team members Coby White and Daniel Gafford provide a likable energy and humble character, you can’t help but feel content with both sitting on the roster next season… and we haven’t even seen them play at this level yet.
  • But I’m still trying to temper my expectations. Both players have appeared to recognize the learning curve that will come with their transition into NBA life. In many ways, you have to imagine these two draft picks create just another reason for executive vice president John Paxson to pursue veteran talent this offseason. However, White mentioned in a one-on-one interview with CBS Chicago that he sees the already youthful roster as a benefit. He referenced how several players were in his same position not too long ago, and he can look toward them for guidance.
  • White mentioned he was “pretty sure” they’ll be willing to help, but I think it’ safe to say the team is on top of things. Practically the entire Bulls starting lineup (where you at Kris Dunn?) has made effort to contact or spend time with White.

  • I gotta be honest, I’m a sucker for team bonding. Throw in a fun bonding montage in a sports movie or a goofy sideline interaction in a documentary, and I might be prepared to put money on that team. I’m not saying the Bulls are anywhere near a success yet, but it’s good to know these guys are going out of their way to keep in touch or spend time together this offseason. Again, we need to temper our expectations though for White and Gafford specifically (have whatever expectations you want about the rest of them). Many of us are excited to see these new NBA draft selections on the court in a week during Summer League, but remember, that also means the two have only a week of NBA practices under their belt. Production in Summer League is fun and all, but as NBC Sports Chicago’s Mark Strotman points out, it kind of means nothing at the end of the day.

  • Fun fact: Erik Murphy averaged a solid 0.3 points per game, what a stud.
  • IS THIS YOUR ROOKIE OF THE YEAR!? (Nah, but for real, congrats Luka.)

  • The Bulls were buying Coby White stock early last season. At yesterday’s presser, Paxson gave some information about when White first, strongly, came onto the organization’s radar. UNC was in Las Vegas and the 19-year-old point guard went OFF in two games against Texas and UCLA (the guys shot 57% over those two games!). Strotman broke down the Bulls interest in White further, so learn a bit about the backstory here.
  • Coby White interview alert! The Bulls’ Chuck Swirsky sat down with White after yesterday’s press conference and he asked probably the most important question since White was drafted: “Tell me about your hair.” Apparently, White hasn’t cut it since high school and, considering he went through all of college without cutting it (one-year), he should definitely go through his entire NBA career without cutting it as well.

  • Look at White turn from a sweet Uncle to a straight-up mean-mugged assassin. #CobyContent

  • Swirsky also sat down with Gafford yesterday, and honestly, he provided a much more entertaining interview than White. The guy has a good energy about him, even though he doesn’t have glorious flowing locks. Interestingly enough, Gafford plays four instruments. Could we be getting another Boris Diaw, aka eclectic big man, in the NBA!?

  • Last update about yesterday’s press conference: Sam Smith gave a lengthy but well-done recap of everything over at and the team also provided a bunch of fun pictures from yesterday as well, so go check those out.

  • *sheds single tear*

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