Bulls Reportedly Among Suitors for Beverley, Who is Seeking $40+ Million

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Bulls Reportedly Among Suitors for Beverley, Who is Seeking $40+ Million

Chicago Bulls

Patrick Beverley has become a hot commodity in the free agent market.

The almost 31-year-old guard is known for his “in your face” style of play and scrappy presence on the defensive end of the court. The NBA got a look at exactly how helpful Beverley can be last season, when he played a vital role in leading an unexpectedly good Clippers team into the playoffs against the Golden State Warriors.

Beverley feels like the perfect veteran for this Bulls teams right now, especially because he can shoot the ball well from behind the arc, but also appears to understand that he isn’t the best player on the court (even though he plays with some of the best energy). Last season, he was able to dish out 3.8 assists and grab 5.0 rebounds per game, his best season in both categories since the 2016-17 season.

The fact that he swapped out starting roles with young point guard Shai Gilgeous-Alexander throughout the season could be an intriguing blueprint for what the Bulls would like to do with Coby White this season.

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The interest on behalf of Bulls fans has been there since the end of the regular season, something that Beverley himself has even acknowledged. The fit certainly makes a lot of sense with what the Bulls are looking for, and for more on that, you can go read Michael’s previous article on him.

The odds of the Bulls landing him has felt less likely as free agency has neared, mainly because several other teams have come into the mix. The Dallas Mavericks and Los Angeles Lakers seem to have an aggressive interest in grabbing Beverley, and both might offer him a more intriguing, immediate playoff push.

But make no mistake, the Bulls are reportedly in this race:

Originally, it was thought that Beverley could be going for around the $10 million range, but with the inflated numbers we are seeing around the league this offseason, plus the several interested teams, the money he might end up with has been stretched.

Right now, Beverley appears to be considering around $13 million a year, which is completely doable within the Bulls projected $23 million in cap space, but how long do you want him? The third-year feels a little steep considering that Beverley will be hanging around at 34-years-old near the end of such a deal, but it might be a pill the Bulls will have to swallow to get him (if that’s actually what they want).

A Beverley signing would most likely signal that the team is using their remaining cap space on one more veteran player (most likely a big man). And it doesn’t necessarily restrict the Bulls too much down the road. Even still, I’m sure the team would prefer something closer to a two-year deal, and without a credible and immediate path to the playoffs, it might be tough to get something done. Time to fight it out.

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Author: Elias Schuster

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