Humble Coby, LaVine's Case for Most Improved, More on Gafford, Beverley, and Other Bullets

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Humble Coby, LaVine’s Case for Most Improved, More on Gafford, Beverley, and Other Bullets

Chicago Bulls

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Onto Bullets…

  • No better way to start bullets off than with a humble Coby White!

  • Yahoo Sports and former NBC Chicago Sports reporter Vincent Goodwill joined Mark Schanowski on the Bulls Talk podcast this week. And in case you were wondering, he was the one guy who voted for Zach LaVine for Most Improved Player this year.

  • I know in several ways this kind of seems ridiculous, especially after the explosion of Pascal Siakim this season, but Goodwill states his case. He points out that he saw a lot of improvement across the board for a guy still working things out after an ACL injury. He believes LaVine had better decision-making this season, more creativity in his playmaking ability and also showed that he is willing to defend (whether he’s good at it or not is beside the point). All of that sounds like good things to me, and while many critics out there will say none of his stats this season mattered due to the team being, well, in utter turmoil, Goodwill says the opposite. He thinks that for LaVine to make these strides of improvement and continue to play this hard all season long on a team that was clearly going to be losing night in and night out says a lot about him as a player. I wouldn’t have voted for him for Most Improved Player, but he certainly is stating a decent case for why LaVine shouldn’t be getting any hate.
  • The two also discussed the Patrick Beverley rumors. We touched on what the veteran point guards asking price is this morning, and Goodwill believes teams will feel comfortable paying Beverley what he is looking for if it fills a need. In today’s league, depth can strongly help a roster out. Goodwill points to the work that Fred VanVleet was able to do during this last Finals fun for the Raptors, he made some big-time plays. In general, this offseason, as Goodwill puts it, teams will have to start to “recalibrate” their brains for the starting price for a mid-tier point guard is.
  • Anyway, if you want even more rumors then make sure you go check out our roundup from yesterday. We also wrote individually about the Bulls expressed interest in Julius Randle and Cory Joseph.

  • The Athletics Darnell Mayberry wrote a great piece on the Bulls new draft pick Daniel Gafford. With all the focus on White, Gafford has certainly been stuck in his shadow. To learn more about him (he seems like a great dude), give it a read.
  • NBC Chicago Sports’ Kevin Anderson updated his salary cap sheet that includes the idea of stretching out Cristiano Felicio’s terrible contract. I don’t think the Bulls are going to go this route, but it gives the team a considerable amount of money to potentially target a lower max-level free agent.

  • NBC Chicago Sports gives us a quick look at 10 point guards the Bulls might try to target this offseason. With free agency now only three days away from starting up, make sure to go refresh your memory. And feel free to let us know who you want!
  • On that note, Mayberry gives us a general list of all players he thinks the Bulls might try to swoop up in the coming weeks. He actually limits the number of point guards on the list and focuses more on veteran forwards. The Bulls are lacking much of a confident back-up option to both Wendell Carter Jr. and Lauri Markkanen, so using some of their cap space on a guy that could eat up minutes in both positions could make a lot of sense.
  • Boys on a boat!

  • The Celtics may not be so terrible next season after all. According to Woj, the team is coming in hot for Kemba Walker.

  • Summer League ’bout to be nuts!

  • Kris Dunn is the recipient of endless shade from the Bulls organization.

Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.