What's Next for the Bulls This Summer? And Other Bullets

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What’s Next for the Bulls This Summer? And Other Bullets

Chicago Bulls

You know what hurts… golf.

If you suck at golf (like me), and then you go out and play golf (again, we’re talking about me), you’re bound to inflict pain on your body for the remainder of the week. Not only do I stand with what I’m assuming is horrible form, but my terrible accuracy causes me to have to hit the ball more frequently, thus putting more strain on my entire left side.

Oh well, no pain no game, right? Is that how golf is supposed to work?

Whatever, time for bullets.

  • What’s next!? The Bulls have actually avoided starting free agency as an absolute trainwreck! And for all you folks out there who keep saying the idea of “could have done worse” is an absolute joke, well, sorry, that’s exactly where the bar has been set thanks to this front office. Considering that the Bulls are trying to dig themselves out of a massive hole, I’ll certainly take what we’ve seen so far. If you want a little more insight on their two most recent additions, check out the getting to know articles on Tomas Satoransky and Thaddeus Young we did yesterday. Also, if you’re curious on possible players the Bulls may still try to bring in with their remaining exception room (around $4.76 million), make sure to check out Luis article from yesterday.

  • Reminder: Rumors were swirling that the Bulls were looking to trade Kriss Dunn.
  • NBC Chicago Sports’ Mark Schanowski sits down with J. Michael of the Indy Star to talk about the Bulls recent offseason moves. Interestingly enough, Michael had worked closely covering the Wizards as well prior to his time in Indianapolis, so he provided good insight on both the Satoransky and Young additions. While he provides a scouting report and breaks down the logistics of each player, there was a common theme between the two of them: their intangibles.

  • It certainly sounds like Michael believes both players will satisfy the locker room leadership that the Bulls sought out to find this offseason. Both players have the ability to play with a certain level of energy that, I believe, Chicago continues to lack season after season. Michael mentioned that Satoransky, while soft-spoken, certainly has an attitude to him (don’t worry in a good way … not a Jimmy Butler kind of way); as for Young, he claimed that the former Pacer is the type of player that makes everyone better around him by doing the “dirty work.” We’ve already started to talk about their on-court fit, and will continue to do so, but emphasizing these players as potential role models for Wendell Carter Jr., Lauri Markkanen and Coby White is just as important.
  • I’ll never stand here and ask for you to give this front office credit, but don’t forget to give the players the credit they deserve. Young is one of the most respected professionals in the league and Satoransky was a player the Wizards highly debated keeping around (but as Michael points out in the podcast, it seems like Satoransky is the one that called for the divorce)… these guys are solid pick-ups for any team.
  • Yes, that’s new Bulls player Thaddeus Young holding up what appears to be a towel with a life-size image of new Bulls player Thaddeus Young. Proceed.

  • The man’s got a point…

  • Unusual Pet Peeve alert: Nothing bothers me more than unnecessary cross-promotional content. You know when a car commercial shows a bunch of speedy shots of a Nissan and then, like, the Millennium Falcon… it makes me cringe. On the other hand, this is a rare circumstance when I’m totally into this content and would 100 percent watch this movie.

  • The Athletic’s Jon Greenberg gives a great, realistic look at the Bulls current offseason and situation. Most of the immediate response to the Bulls free agent signings this week has been pleasant-surprise with a dash or frustration (because, you know, it’s still GarPax). Greenberg balances these two thoughts well, showing readers that it’s okay to enjoy these signings but still be frustrated with the overall grand scheme of things. He also points out appropriately that the Bulls are in a place where they must look up to what the Brooklyn Nets were able to accomplish. Hey, I wouldn’t mind being Brooklyn right about now. Anyway, a lot of good stuff, so go give it a read.

  • Welcome, Coby, I hope you read the fine print of that contract: Article 3: Never Cut Hair.

  • Hey, the Bulls need that!

  • The former-Bulls great is looking to make the coveted #TheReturn.

  • Speaking of former Bulls, I feel like I would just be doing basketball a disservice if I didn’t include D-Wade making this kid look absolutely silly.


Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.