Cheering Up Coby White, Summer League Highlights, Boylen's Type of Player, and Other Bullets

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Cheering Up Coby White, Summer League Highlights, Boylen’s Type of Player, and Other Bullets

Chicago Bulls

I’m back from New York City and, sadly, my attempt to sign with the Brooklyn Nets fell through. A big-three of Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant and Elias Schuster sounds pretty darn lethal to me; however, the FO just didn’t have enough cap space.

Oh, yeah, the Knicks made me an offer, but I turned it down.

I guess I’ll stick with my day job, time for bullets!

  • Briefly, I thought we were about to get a Boylen interview without him referencing the “character” of a player, but I was wrong. Boylen almost immediately referenced his new players, Satoransky and Young, as “good-hearted” and “high-character.” Nevertheless, it was nice to finally hear him give his thoughts on both of the Bulls offseason additions (remember he isn’t really going to comment on Kornet yet because that paperwork isn’t official).

  • I have to admit, these new signees fit well with today’s NBA style of ball and with Boylen’s coaching style. As painful as using adjectives like “gritty” can be, both Young and Satoransky fall under that category. The Bulls improved their roster’s depth and talent level pretty significantly this offseason while also finding guys that fit with their new head coach. During an interview this morning with ESPN 1000 (which we will have more on later), Paxson mentioned that the team will have to find players that fit around their head coach. Clearly, the team failed to realize this sentiment when Fred Hoiberg was around, but at least they’ve come to their senses a bit. By no means am I saying a team should restrict free agency options based on how they fit a coach’s “culture,” but it can’t hurt when good options out there do. While Boylen’s mannerisms tend to resemble a “rough around the edges” college coach (I covered four-years of college basketball and football, so this frustrates me), at least he has a roster full of players with quite a bit of potential to work with.
  • Meanwhile, a sad Coby White spoke with BullsTV after the team lost to the Cavs in Summer League last night. Cheer up, Coby, no one really cares about whether you win. Regardless, he said the right things and also commented that he has “a long way to go.” Considering he has started 0-11 from behind the arc over his first two games, I would agree.

  • BUT, I would also agree that he has had some savage plays and looks like a straight-up baller. #CobyContent #HairSzn

  • NBC Chicago Sports has pointed out the mixed-performance we have seen from White over his first two games in Summer League. Struggling significantly behind the arc, the shots he continues to take don’t seem to be the problem according to White, they’re just not falling. I’m not concerned about his shot at all right now, and you shouldn’t be either. I think what should be focused on a bit more are his turnover troubles (7 last night). He’s provided short glimpses of being craft with the ball and passing well, but his speed is certainly causing him to lose the basketball. I made this case previously, but as he enters the NBA I think this could be one of his biggest problems if not addressed early enough this offseason.

  • You want Summer League highlights? You want Summer League highlights:

  • SATOOOO!!! Can anyone think of a better nickname?

  • No? You got nothing? Fine. Anyway, The Athletic’s Stephen Noh gave us a look at why Satoransky fits perfectly with what the Bulls need at point guard. Noh always provides some of the best overviews, so make sure you go give a read… it also includes video!
  • If you want even more Satoranksy content (which you totally should), put out this nice feature on him. Sam Smith gives us a nice look at the type of player the Czech-native is, as well as some insight on his time with the Wizards. My favorite line: “Satoransky became known as something of a waiter, the guy willing and able to not only serve everyone, but keep the essentials coming—that being in the NBA, the basketball—and keep everyone happy.” 
  • Okay, The Waiter is his new nickname… it’s settled.
  • The Bulls are interested in bringing back Justin Holiday, which is fine, I guess.

  • Windy City Bulls player Mychal Mulder went off last night (again, only Summer League), but it was fun to watch and he had a dope reverse jam.

Author: Elias Schuster

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