Woo! The Bulls Are .500 (Laughs/Cries), Gafford's Double-Double, White's Performance, and Other Bullets

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Woo! The Bulls Are .500 (Laughs/Cries), Gafford’s Double-Double, White’s Performance, and Other Bullets

Chicago Bulls

Do you know what really distracts you? Twitter.

You try and just type out your morning bullets like a civilized human being, but then you find yourself browsing through Twitter and making unnecessary gifs about the Parent Trap. Yes, I did that this morning.

I finally got through these bullets though, so I think I deserve a nice sarcastic pat on the back.

  • The Bulls improved to 2-2 in Summer League! Man, what a wonderful feeling to have a .500 team (*cries and realizes that basketball life is a dark, empty void of nothingness). Last night, Daniel Gafford looked like an absolute monster on the court, and, surprisingly, Chandler Hutchison redeemed himself after an abysmal performance against the Pelicans where he went 2-13.

  • Gafford grabbed a double-double (20pts, 10reb) while Hutchison was one rebound shy of doing the same (18pts, 9rebs). While White’s scoring numbers weren’t quite as high as his other nights (11pts), he actually had one of his best all-around games facilitating the ball.
  • The rookie dished out six assists and picked up seven total boards, and I’ll certainly take that. For a guy who clearly needs to put the most focus on his decision making and off-the-ball role, it’s nice to see him walk off the court with only one turnover and six defensive rebounds. Again, this game was against a pretty rough Hornets team, but the Bulls clearly had the advantage with Gafford and Hutchison on the court, and it was promising to see White realize that and work through them.
  • Throughout Summer League we’ve seen Gafford have the capability to work well around the rim and use his size to his advantage. However, his touch around the rim is not at all delicate and he will certainly struggle against guys who are his size or bigger. I would be really interested to see how his footwork and timing develops over the course of this upcoming season. He has the athleticism to make some highlight level plays, but he clearly has a long way to go to develop into anything more than an off-the-bench defense and alley-oop guy. But hey, if that’s all he is, I’m totally cool with it, too.
  • John Paxson hopped on 670 The Score this morning, and we’ll have more on that later today. There was nothing particularly ground-breaking, but plenty of informative confirmation of the plan, which is worth discussing.
  • Fun Fact: Donovan Mitchell should have won Rookie of the Year over Ben Simmions. That’s a fact. If you would like to fight me on this, I’ll see you on the playground. But before we start, I just want you to know … I am right. Anyway, Spida-man gave some serious props to Coby White, throwing him into the ROY conversation! I’m all about starting this campaign right now! Also, hey, Coby, if you want to go ahead and befriend Donovan Mitchell and convince the Bulls to make him an offer in 2021 when he is an RFA… I wouldn’t be opposed.

  • We needed another K.C. Johnson Q&A. The Chicago Tribune Bulls beat reporter talks about the team’s playoff hopes, LaVine having a monster season and a bunch more. As I always say, make sure you go give it a read to see if he answered any questions you might have.
  • I’m always filling your bullets-screen with #CobyContent, today is Gafford’s turn! Check out this nice breakdown of what the big man has been able to do so far in Summer League!

  • I see you, Zach. Good guy.

  • More. Of. This. Content.

  • I’m sorry, Brett, but you’ll certainly have some competition in the trade market. Forget Russell Westbrook, let’s start our push for Gritty, please. After all, his name just fits with what Jim Boylen’s all about! Everyone start tweeting #GrittyToTheBulls.

Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.