Time Is Running Out to Watch Coby White This Summer and Other Bullets

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Time Is Running Out to Watch Coby White This Summer and Other Bullets

Chicago Bulls

The MLB All-Star break is over and Cubs baseball is back today!

I’m very excited about this second half… even though the NL Central is disgustingly close and the Cubs really need to get it together. Also, #TradeRussell.

No more baseball talk, basketball bullets!

  • Our Coby White time is running out (until the start of the season, of course). The Bulls were not good enough to make their way into the eight-team “playoffs” during the postseason after going 2-2 in Las Vegas. However, every team is promised five games, and thus, the Bulls will be playing their last game against the Magic on Saturday.

  • Remember, it’s not like making the “postseason” here matters at all. For the fans, it gives us more time to observe young players we have been looking forward to seeing, but it kind of also runs a greater risk for injury and unnecessary fatigue. Hey, it was fun and all when Denzel Valentine led the Bulls to a Summer League Championship several years ago, but I don’t think we need that from Coby White or Daniel Gafford. Now, the team can get to work over the rest of this summer conditioning before training camp. I think we were all reassured by what we saw from White during Summer League (even though that isn’t the end all be all by any means), but it will do him some good to start interacting more with his actual coaching staff/trainers.
  • White needs to get working on his facilitating and decision making, but if he touches those areas up, it’s not hard to believe he could be competing for the starting role sooner than later.
  • Although regardless of how White performs, I have a feeling the Bulls will quickly begin to look at Satoransky as their starting point guard. Chicago has a shot here to avoid throwing White into the fire/limelight too quickly, so slowly integrating him into the starting lineup over the course of the season feels best. Plus, Satoransky is pretty freaking good, y’all. While White may go all out during training camp, I truly think it’s going to be hard for the rookie to outperform the athletic spurts and half-court work that Satoransky brings right off the bat. Oh, and while we sit here talking about a starting lineup… you should probably go check out our article yesterday about how Boylen DID NOT announce his starting five like some came to believe.

  • Satoransky is charming and can throw down mean poster dunks!? Find you a man who can do both!


  • Oh, no, Chris. Now is not the time to get Bulls fans riled up about another possible trade target!

  • The Ringer shared this awesome story about Coby White’s Summer League showing, labeling him as the best performing lottery pick thus far. To be honest, with several players sitting out the accolade isn’t that rewarding, but the article does a good job demonstrating all the positive things White has been able to do. The story also begins by talking about his hair, so how could you not read it?
  • My favorite paragraph from that story, by the way, is this: “White’s game sneaks up on you. He’ll charge right at a defender, absorb contact, and finish an off-balance layup like a more mature player. He’ll use his speed to put pressure on the defense—and, as was the case this week, to get back at a player who just scored on him. He’ll stop on a dime and take a midrange jumper or drain a stepback 3. Suddenly, you realize he has double-digit points—some of them hard-earned, some of them effortless, some of them highlight material.” Yes, I 100 percent agree with that assessment.
  • Also, this guy just looks like a true leader, and the Bulls need that.


  • I’m not sure if you heard (sarcasm), but, yes, Russell Westbrook was traded to Houston last night. This has nothing to do with the Bulls, but true comedy is the fact that Westbrook was traded while running a pop-up comedy show for people in Oklahoma City.

  • Benny trying to find the Alligator on the loose to eliminate one less predator in the Animal Kingdom. Do Bulls have to worry about alligators?

  • Did you know the Bulls were the only team Dwyane Wade played to not have a player do a jersey swap? Instead, Benny the Bull did the swap. I’m not sure if I should be happy about this or crying in the corner. I guess the only roster members still here from when Wade played were Denzel Valentine and Cristiano Felicio. Okay, so yeah, Benny makes sense.

  • NBA, go home, you’re drunk.

Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.