Quiet Time in the NBA, Arcidiacono's Drive, New Coaches, Bulls Making the Playoffs? and Other Bullets

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Quiet Time in the NBA, Arcidiacono’s Drive, New Coaches, Bulls Making the Playoffs? and Other Bullets

Chicago Bulls

I stumbled upon a small car show this weekend, and I gotta say … it was pretty awesome.

I’ve never been super into cars – some kids go to bed with trucks-and-cars, while others still wear Spider-Man t-shirts to sleep well into their twenties (I could be talking about ANYONE) – but the up-keep on these vehicles was impressive. Small cars from the late ’30s were just sitting there, fully-functional and completely beautiful. In today’s world, you need to buy a new iPhone every couple of years because the battery “runs a bit slower than I like.”

*Old raspy voice:* Ah, the good ole days, before all of this newfangled technology.

Bullets time!

  • The NBA will now deprive us of live-basketball until October. I know, I think it should be illegal too, but the worst stage of the offseason is almost upon us. The NBA Draft process, free agency craziness and Summer League fun has all come to an end, and now we have to sit here getting our fix off shared Instagram photos of Chandler Hutchison getting “swole.” It’s about to be a dark time. Nevertheless, these next couple months are for the better, as the Bulls actually head into offseason workouts and training camp with a legitimate NBA-caliber roster.
  • Head coach Jim Boylen and his revamped coaching staff will have a new box of tools to sort through. And hopefully, the time spent conditioning and coaching not only the rookies, but also the veterans will make for a better, more coherent product on the court when the regular season bell gets rung.
  • Indeed, I’m especially excited that new lead assistant coach Chris Fleming will soon be able to get to work with Coby White and Tomas Satoransky. I’m sure Boylen will be preaching “soul” all he wants, but in the meantime, Fleming can share his offensive wisdom with the team and focus on quick play, propelled by smart ball movement. If we know anything about this team already, it’s that they’re built to be sharing the basketball.
  • The Chicago Tribune’s K.C. Johnson discussed Coby White’s overall Summer League performance with some reactions from White and his coaching staff specifically, check it out:

  • NBC Chicago Sports’ Michael Walton goes beyond White and looks at the impact of the roster as a whole. If you want a more extensive angle at what went down, I certainly suggest looking at Walton’s takeaways:

  • If you were ever wondering why the Bulls have decided to keep Ryan Arcidiacono around these past couple seasons (and now extend him on a three-year deal), this (from Bulls.com) might help explain a lot: “Whether I play a lot or don’t play at all, they know I will be available to practice every day like I have been the last two years and that I am going to work and push the people around me to get better and be the best team we can be,” Arcidiacono said. “Whatever it takes to win, which I know is a very cliche answer. But someone in my situation has to keep saying it and go from there.” Archie is a good dude.
  • DENZEL HAS A RING AND DON’T YOU EVER FORGET IT (You don’t actually get a ring for this, that would just be sad)!

  • Do we want this? Is this something that we want? Also, Chuck 100 percent seems like he is just making this up as he goes along. “Oh, yeah, the Bulls are a team… um… they won’t be turraaabullll (pronounced: terrible).”

Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.