Coby White Spent a Day in Chicago and You’re About to Fall in Love (VIDEO)

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Coby White Spent a Day in Chicago and You’re About to Fall in Love (VIDEO)

Chicago Bulls

Your new favorite Bulls player has already been selected, and his name is Coby White.

The Bulls No. 7-overall draft pick spent a day in Chicago with SLAM to record a jam-packed “Day in the Life” video that you’re going to love. So sit back, and feast your eyes on this utter greatness:

Okay, I know you probably just watched it, but let’s walk through what we just witnessed. First of all, how likable is this dude!? He somehow blends the maturity of a professional athlete with the charming sensation of a kid that’s experiencing all of this for the first time.

The beginning of this video just gets you insanely hyped. You get a bunch of young-Coby clips (and by that I mean, like, two years ago when he was in high school) where he is just ballin’ on them haters.

White is clearly one heck of a driven athlete, he talks about screen-shotting the doubters, many of whom believed he’d be hanging around UNC for several seasons. While he mentions he isn’t cocky about his accomplishments, he makes sure to say he is confident and provides a clear message: “Now look, now look where I’m at, so don’t ever talk down on my name…” *Goosebumps*

All right, but if we’re being honest, the best part about this video is just watching White hit the Chicago streets. Before we get to witness the true masterpiece that is Coby White trying deep dish pizza, we get treated to a song by his golden pipes. We’ve heard it before, but White believes he can sing… I’ll let y’all be the judge of that one.

SLAM picked the perfect camera angle as we watch White’s majestic hair walk under the big Giordano’s sign.

Anyway, he proceeds to sit down and get a special spiel on how the pizza’s made and blah, blah, blah.


This man is an honorary-Chicagoan already. After the plate is set in front of him he starts asking his family: “You’re about to use a fork!?” You do you, Coby. Sometimes you got to go the fork route, sometimes you don’t:

As he is enjoying dinner, a fan walks over and gets an autograph, but then proceeds to shake Coby’s hand (a bit awkwardly, might I add), and says: “Please take us to the playoffs.”

Thank you, mysterious basketball man, you said what we were all thinking.

The video then jumps to White hanging out at the United Center where he is standing by a rack of his own jerseys. If you weren’t aware, the new point guard will be wearing the No. 0. Before we weren’t quite sure why he picked this number specifically, but I guess thanks to the folks at SLAM we got the answer: “I like the name subzero… and I feel like I get cold buckets.”


Wow, I’m not sure there was a better response to that question.

Speaking of responses, when he went to throw out the first pitch at the White Sox game, one woman was telling White and second-round pick Daniel Gafford about how excited the fan base was to have these two on the roster.

White replied to this with a wise proclamation: “Cause’ we bout to turn this team around.” Also, I’m convinced White didn’t say “team” here and, instead, shared a profanity. You can’t pull a fast one on me, SLAM.

The video wraps up with a couple of nice messages from White about playing in the city, but most importantly, about his late father. If you haven’t been able to hear White’s story on the passing of his dad in 2017, I strongly recommend giving his piece in The Player’s Tribune a read.

Okay, I literally can talk about this video all day. I’m just going to go watch it again, and you should too!

Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.