Background on Coby's Viral Moment, Bulls on the Rise, Shaq is Back, and Other Bullets

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Background on Coby’s Viral Moment, Bulls on the Rise, Shaq is Back, and Other Bullets

Chicago Bulls

Happy birthday to one of the absolute greats.

Stuart Scott is one of the best sportscasters to ever live – facts. I was never interested in solely pursuing the television route; but his lighthearted and fun approach to delivering the news was always a true inspiration for me. He found a way to provide a laid back reaction that was still incredibly knowledgeable and digestible. When you listened to Scott, you were captivated.

If you ever need a pick-me-up, go listen to Scott’s 2014 ESPY’s speech. Beautiful.

Also, here is some footage of him just being awesome.

  • I always like to start these Friday bullets off with something more on the fun-side. COBY WHITE HYPE VIDEO!!!

  • Coby content is the best content: Which is why I loved that The Athletic’s Darnell Mayberry broke down White’s viral moment at the 2019 NBA Draft (Wow, bro! That’s crazy! That’s so love bro!”). Mayberry dug a bit deeper into the relationship between White and the teammates who sparked the entire interaction, Cam Johnson. Honestly, it’s quite interesting to hear about their growing relationship, especially when you consider the player’s age and background. White was quickly positioning himself to be a one-and-done while Johnson was a 23-year-old college journeyman. I covered Big Ten college basketball for four seasons during my time at Illinois, and I would definitely call it rare for this kind of relationship to develop. Sure, teams are close as a whole, but these young-bucks usually start to grow closer to their fellow underclassman. All in all, pretty cool story.
  • The Athletic’s Zach Harper gave us his latest NBA power rankings and the Bulls have moved up four spots from “not great” to “could be better.” Originally, Harper had Chicago at No. 27 but now the team sits at No. 23 with some promise. Even Harper admits that the Bulls actually feel like they should be higher than this, but the unproven product from the young core on the court seems to be what’s holding them back in these rankings. I 100 percent understand. I, too, think the Bulls are probably right around the No. 20 mark or so. Although, that’s on paper and we still need to see if these healthy players alongside their new acquisitions can actually ball out. I’m fine with lowballing the Bulls during these preseason rankings, I’d rather have the team head into things with some upward mobility rather than falling flat (which is very possible).
  • ICYMI: The Bulls resigned Shaquille Harrison yesterday. The defensive-minded point guard was a Jim Boylen favorite and adds a little more versatility to the bench for this upcoming season. The move isn’t too shocking when you take into consideration Boylen’s comments at Summer League, which the Chicago Tribune’s K.C. Johnson shared: “I would love to see him (Harrison) on the team,” Boylen said. “Shaq, to me, is one of the toughest guys I’ve ever coached and a great kid. Hard-playing dude.” Also, bringing him back clearly wasn’t a tough decision when you take into account the money owed…

  • Harrison participated in the Bulls Summer League and did just fine. Here are the highlights.

  • Do you agree with LaVine and Lauri being the 27th best duo in the league? Yeah, I think it’s higher too.

  • Psssh, y’all were asking naive questions.

  • I went ahead and actually used me time in the day to write this two-page script about GarPax being tortured by Benny the Bull at the United Center. Knock yourself out.

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