Check Out Sweetness and His Airness on the Most Awesome Mural in Chicago

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Check Out Sweetness and His Airness on the Most Awesome Mural in Chicago

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In the spirit of wanting to be “like Mike” … I also want to be “like whoever painted this mural.”

MJ and sweetness mural in Pilsen from chicagobulls

Did someone ask for BN Bulls and Bears crossover content?

A Reddit user shared this image of a mural that popped up in downtown Chicago, and it’s pretty darn incredible.

Walter Payton is looking nice, but Michael Jordan is the absolute real deal. The guy looks like he is about to jump out that wall and go crossover the Water Tower.

Seriously, take a second, click on this image, and zoom in to get a closer look at the detail on Jordan. Everything from the wrinkles in the jersey to the chiseled, muscular frame is included. Also, check out his shoes! Those things are giant versions of what appear to be the Air Jordan 11 Concords. Sweeeeet.

There are some great murals around Chicago, but this one — which can be found in Pilsen at the corner of CH Distillery of 16th and Clinton — is up there among the best in the city right now. Unfortunately, the Reddit page doesn’t share who created this beautiful piece. But if someone can find out, and let them know I’d like this plastered across the side of my house, that would be great.

If you have a chance to go stop by and see this thing for yourself, feel free to share the pictures with us over at BN Bulls on Twitter or Facebook. I’d love to see what you look like posing next to this masterpiece (make sure the tongue is out!).

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