Simply Acknowledging the Struggle to Attract Top Free Agents Doesn't Make Me Feel Better and Other Bullets

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Simply Acknowledging the Struggle to Attract Top Free Agents Doesn’t Make Me Feel Better and Other Bullets

Chicago Bulls

The weekend was a lot of fun from a baseball perspective, especially with an up-and-down Cubs-Brewers series to take in. Although with training camp starting up for football and the MLB strove heating up for the trade deadline, it makes me feel all alone at the lunch table.

We were pampered with a great NBA season (minus all the Bulls stuff, of course) and now we sit here in the dark for the next couple months. Michael is over at BN Cubs writing up possible juicy trades; meanwhile, I’m trying to see if there is a new pic of Wendell Carter Jr. looking shredded. *sigh*

At least there was some good stuff for bullets this morning!

  • Do you want a personalized video message from historic Bulls legend Brian Scalabrine? Great, that’ll be $99. Hoops Hype went ahead and rummaged through the service “Cameo,” an online application where you can pay celebrities to provide a personalized message. Plenty of NBA players are active on the platform and those include several former (and one current) Bulls players. The list Hoops Hype provided includes:
    • Ryan Arcidiacono ($70)
    • Brian Scalabrine ($99)
    • Nate Robinson ($200)
    • Horace Grant ($300)
  • All right, I expect one of you to pay $669 (nice) for all these videos and report back. You can address each video to “Mr. Schuster,” please and thank you. To be real, I’m not sure who would be dropping money on this. I guess if you have a friend who’s hardcore into Nate Robinson this could be a nice gift, but is it really worth it? Even for Horace Grant, this feels like a steep price to pay. I know it’s personalized, but you can get autographed memorabilia for more than half this price. Also, while looking through this list, it’s quite amusing to see that Metta World Peace ($1,000) is more expensive then Kareem Abdul-Jabbar ($500) and Gary Payton ($625).
  • The Score’s No Zone’s show brought up a pretty interesting debate about the current state of the Bulls front office. The point being, GarPax at least acknowledge the team isn’t a landing spot for big-time free agents and moved on accordingly. In some ways, I understand commending the self-awareness. The front office seemed to realize that the organization is not in a respectable place and, thus, needs to find an alternative route to raising the talent on this team.

  • However, the rebuttal here is even better: “What does that say about the organization?” By announcing your own free-agency woes, it almost sounds like a verbal waiving of the white flag. Having to make such a realization is certainly not a good look for your front office and maybe it shows even more how badly things need to change. In today’s league, you need to be in a position to grab stars. Considering that can happen at any time, the suits can’t take themselves out of the running. I understand being patient, that’s one thing, but not believing in your city as a free agent destination is hard to overcome. Let’s hope GarPax (solely because it appears we’re stuck with them), haven’t lost all faith in themselves.
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
  • Satoransky wanted out of Washington. For a while, it felt like the Wizards were considering keeping their point guard, especially after the job he did filling in for the injured John Wall last season. However, the Bulls came calling, and apparently, both teams were very much down for the deal. For Satoransky to want a fresh start even though he was garnering attention in D.C. bodes well for Chicago. The 27-year-old appears to have plenty left in the tank, and he could be an exciting, different presence on the court next season, especially when you consider his strong complementary skills. Anyway, he did a longer interview with a Czech publication about his new era with the Bulls, which we’ll get into later!

  • As we’ve discussed previously, Bulls win total sits at 30.5 heading into this season. The number still feels low to me, but it’s not shocking considering the team’s performance last year. The lack of a real defined star is certainly hurting this team in the “respect” category around the league. Looking at these Caesars Palace odds the Bulls are projected to be the 7th worst team in the league, which feels like their floor. I certainly believe they are better than all the teams projected below them, but I can’t say the same for any of the teams above them, right now. Basing strictly off these odds, the Bulls feel like they could fall anywhere in between the 14th (Heat) and 24th (Bulls) best spot in the league.

  • Yup, Thad knows what’s up. BRING. IT. BACK.

  • Want a throwback MJ ad? Well, that’s convenient, I have one right here:

  • Shoutout to Luis over at BN Bears. He went to training camp this week and has been hitting you hard with that #content over these past couple days.

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