Ever Wonder What The All-NBA 2K Bulls Dream Team Would Look Like?

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Ever Wonder What The All-NBA 2K Bulls Dream Team Would Look Like?

Chicago Bulls

How quiet is NBA news right now?

Well, it’s quiet enough for me to dig through every Bulls roster in NBA 2K since 2002 and give you the dream team you’ve always wanted.

I decided to go ahead and look at the best player ratings at each position over these last 17 years to compile a 12-man roster. Keep in mind, this doesn’t include any of the “historic” or “all-time” Bulls that were added to the game over the years. Instead, I just stuck with the real, initial rating for each player during the game’s release. By the way, I’ll include the links to where I found all these ratings at the bottom of this post, just in case you’re interested in checking things out for your self.

With that being said and without further ado, I present to you… The All-NBA 2K Bulls Dream Team!!


  • PG: 2k12-14 – Derrick Rose (92)
  • SG: 2k17 – Jimmy Butler (88)
  • SF: 2k2 – Eddie Robinson (84)
  • PF: 2k16 – Pau Gasol (86)
  • C: 2k7 – Ben Wallace (88)


  • PG: 2k8/2k8 – Kirk Hinrich (85)
  • SG: 2k9 – Ben Gordon (87), 2k17 – Dwyane Wade (87)
  • SF: 2k8 – Loul Deng (84)
  • PF: 2k11 – Carlos Boozer (85)
  • C: 2k14 – Joakim Noah (87), 2k6 – Tyson Chandler (83)

*Does not include NBA 2k20 player ratings.

Wow, that doesn’t feel as exciting as you might like, does it? It’s crazy to think the Bulls only had one player above a 90-rating over this 17-year stretch. Especially when considering the strong seasons we saw out of players like Jimmy Butler and Joakim Noah. Anyway, let’s break things down real quick.

Everything at the guard positions makes sense. Rose and Butler should clearly be in the starting five, and then a young, solid Kirk Hinrich and Ben Gordon fit nicely. I do find it kind of sad though that Dwyane Wade still cracks the list as one of the Bulls best NBA 2k shooting guards over nearly two decades.

The weakest position for the team appears to be at small forward. Eddie Robinson is tied with Loul Deng at an 84-overall, so technically these two are interchangeable in the starting lineup. However, this is my post, and I get to do what I want! During his actual time with the Bulls, he only averaged 7.1 ppg in 21 minutes per game, yet he was the highest-rated player on the 2K2 Bulls team. Yup, he’s going into my starting lineup just for “lol’s.”

Power forward is also worth a solid chuckle. I think people tend to forget Pau Gasol was playing in a Bulls uniform, and, in this case, he is the best power forward the team has had in quite a while. He even passes-up GarPax’s free-agent pride and joy Carlos Boozer.

Ben Wallace squeaking past Joakim Noah into the starting center role is relatively surprising. Like Robinson, this was another bust-signing for the Bulls, but I guess the 2K programmers were bought into what he could provide. Wallace’s high rating came in his first year with the team after coming off a successful playoff run with the Detroit Pistons, so it at least makes some sense. I was still a little surprised Noah never got above an 87 though, especially after receiving the Defensive Player of the Year award in 2014.

All in all, this feels like a rather anti-climatic Bulls team. This is probably an exercise nobody needed, but, hey, I’d be lying to you if I said I wouldn’t play with this squad. I’d be GOING OFF with Eddie Robinson and Ben Wallace!!

Where I found the rosters:

Author: Elias Schuster

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