What Young Should (and Should Not) Work To Improve This Year and Other Bullets

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What Young Should (and Should Not) Work To Improve This Year and Other Bullets

Chicago Bulls

I’m sure many of you know already, but the BN Blogathon is going on with our MLB coverage right now. Brett is staying up for 40 hours straight to deliver endless content. Meanwhile, I slept like a baby last night.

Reminder: You can come hang out with us to talks sports and watch the Cubs-Cards game later tonight at the Nisei Lounge in Wrigleyville. I’ll be there, so if you have some HOT, SPICY Bulls takes, come bring them my way. I’ll bring the milk.

Brett will bring the Marlot, I guess.

Bullets time!

  • Shoutout to Thaddeus Young for providing us with content during this slow NBA offseason. The new Bulls big man received his offer to the Team USA training camp in Las Vegas early last week, and all signs point to the veteran participating in August. However, before then, Young will be in Memphis, Tennessee doing what he does best: being a straight-up good dude. From July 29th to August 2nd Young will be running a free basketball camp for kids ages 8-17 at his former high school. NBC Sports Chicago compiled some of the highlights from his first couple camp days, so make sure to go check that out. Thad, you’re a good egg.


  • Why not keep the Thad content going? The Athletic’s Darnell Mayberry gave us a great in-depth breakdown of Young’s 139 minutes played against the Bulls last season. His analysis here provides us with a look at both Young’s strengths and weaknesses, but, ultimately, demonstrates why he’s the kind of player that just makes your team better. In yesterday’s bullets we talked about the intangible impact Young has on a game, something we’ve mentioned numerous times before, but you can see all those little details inside Mayberry’s latest piece as well. Everything from Young’s passing ability to off-the-ball placement helps a team function more effectively.
  • Yes, Young still has plenty of areas on which to improve – for example, Mayberry brings up his work around the three-point line as a possible weakness – but as a 31-year-old player, we mostly know what we’re going to get. And for what it’s worth, Young isn’t necessarily a bad three-point shooter – he just isn’t a lights-out one. Through his career, he has shot 33 percent from behind the arc but has seen an uptick in the number during the last part of his career (last season was at 35 percent). I’ve seen multiple people now say they hope he’s able to find a more consistent shot from deep, but it’s honestly not an expectation of mine. I think he’ll maintain his status around a 33 percent shooter, and his presence on the team should be way more focused on working in the paint. He has a natural understanding of how to drive toward the basket, find the mismatch and finish around the rim. Not to mention, the Bulls NEED rebounding.
  • The Bulls Talk podcast had personality See Red Fred on this week for an optimistic filled episode. If you want to try and get excited about this upcoming season early, I recommend giving this a listen for some motivation.

  • Some of you may have seen a report yesterday about Nikola Mirotic receiving a $45 million offer from the Bulls earlier this free agency. But that’s reportedly not true. His Barcelona head coach was the one who started this rumor, but David Kaplan confirmed with a source close to the team that the news is incorrect.

  • Donovan Mitchell gave love to Coby White, which we’ve brought up before, but here it is again. With the Bulls possibly looking toward 2021 as a free agent shopping spree, Donovan Mitchell could be an awesome target. I know the team’s got a ways to go, but a boy can dream, can’t he!?

  • Don’t you EVER speak down on that man’s hair!

  • A quick look inside what appears to be the Bulls film room. #Dope.

  • When nothing is going on in the NBA, you sit down and look through all the NBA 2k rankings to form the best Bulls team’s possible. When you just look at each game’s initial roster and ratings, here is the BEST Bulls team you can create. Spoiler Alert: It could be better.

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