Will We See Impact-Minutes from White at the Beginning of the Season? And Other Bullets

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Will We See Impact-Minutes from White at the Beginning of the Season? And Other Bullets

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The BN Blogathon has come to an end. Over the past two days, Brett stayed up for 40-straight hours (and drink a whole lot of Malort) to cover an extremely bottom-heavy trade deadline. Literally, it felt like everything happened all at once when the deadline hit at 3:00 pm.

The MLB is just trying to do their best NBA impression.

Anyway, thanks to all the folk that donated to help Bleacher Nation raise over $18,000 for Make-A-Wish! Woohoo for doing good deeds!

  • Bulls analyst and former NBA player Kendall Gill joined the BAWL! On Bulls podcast this week for a very entertaining episode. In the first half, Gill talks about his early years and has a great discussion about why he picked Abdul Rauf over Michael Jordan as the hardest player he’s ever guarded. As for the Bulls-specific conversation, Gill kind of maps out what our expectations should be for Daniel Gafford and Coby White. Like many, he believes both can develop into strong assets down the road, but for this season specifically, the players may not be heavily involved. The signing of Tomas Satoransky allows for White to sit back and slowly make his way into the NBA, and, according to Gill, Satoransky can ball. I’m no stranger to the Satoranksy-praise. I think he was a great value-signing for the Bulls this offseason, and he should work nicely in his, most likely, ever-changing role this season.

  • Everything comes down to training camp though, something Gill doesn’t fail to mention numerous times. The number of minutes both White and Gafford sees on the court early-on this season will come down to how well they can adjust to the NBA-style of play during camp and preseason. If you ask me, I still think there could be impact-minutes from White at the beginning of this season just because the Bulls will be eager to start integrating a fast-paced system. White will most likely be the better option for a quicker, transitional game, but Satoransky will help with the ball movement (something we should see a lot of with new lead assistant coach Chris Fleming on the bench).
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  • Zach LaVine worked well in transition last season… when he got a chance. I fully expect the Bulls’ offensive game-plan to get a major facelift this upcoming season (hey, I’m usually all for sporting your natural beauty, but I think this is everyone’s best interest). John Paxson has expressed numerous times this offseason that the Bulls need to catch-up to the current NBA-style of play, and that’s why the addition of White is so important to this team. *Begins to think about White and LaVine running in transition together and drools.*

  • We need more fun announcer-antics!

  • Former Chicago Bulls guard Jamal Crawford is still looking for work, by the way. Stop being cowards, NBA, and sign the man!


  • NBA 2K20 looks wild! The promo video is sick and, surprisingly, the Bulls actually make an appearance. No Bulls players are thrown into the virtual highlight package, but we do get a look at the jumbotron in the United Center with the Bulls championship banners in the back! Somehow, the Bulls are also beating the Raptors 10-2 in the 1st quarter, so that’s how you truly know this is, in fact, virtual basketball.

  • Props to Jabari Parker for a mature answer here. I’m really hoping the Bulls have moved past this area of instinctual-contracts. Parker is just another reason it’s so hard for people to trust this front office. He clearly wasn’t worth the deal from the start, but, to me, the worst part of this was how it expressed the sheer disconnect from the fanbase on behalf of the front office. The executives thought they were giving the city a hometown kid they’ve always wanted (queue-up the Dwyane Wade contract). Sure, a hometown kid is fun and all, but what’s more fun is good basketball. This isn’t the college game.

  • If any of you folks are hitting up the “playpen on drugs” that is Lollapalooza… you can get a Bulls hat!

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