The Bulls Reputation, Production Behind the Arc, Young, Lolla, and Other Bullets

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The Bulls Reputation, Production Behind the Arc, Young, Lolla, and Other Bullets

Chicago Bulls

No joke, I went through all of yesterday believing it was Wednesday.

When I found out at like 5:00 p.m. that it was, in fact, Thursday, it was a rather pleasant revelation. I guess all this lack of NBA content is just making my day’s mesh together. A player needs to punch his teammate in the face or something to spark up the news. Anyone got Bobby Portis’ number?

Anyway, happy Friday (I think)!

  • Tony Gill over with The Score has been putting out some nice podcasts recently, and his most recent one with Jason Goff is no exception. The two talk about the random Nikola Mirotic situation earlier this week (it’s a slow news week people), and then get further into where the Bulls currently stand in the East.

  • One of the most recent “hot topics” for me this offseason has been about the Bulls reputation in the league. And, spoiler alert, it’s not in a very good place. Gill asked Goff about what may be the underlying reason that players aren’t interested in coming to Chicago. For Goff, the answer was simple, they just haven’t won. He also brings up that some players just want to go play in certain areas. For example, the Brooklyn Nets didn’t convince Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant to come and play strictly because of their assets or “historic franchise;” instead, it was all about the fact that Irving and Durant wanted to play together/be on the east coast. The Bulls either need to win or find a superstar that just loves Chicago. Shoutout Anthony Davis. I agree with Goff here though, it’s nothing too complicated.
  • I feel like this is a fitting time to now squeeze this in…

  • The Bulls will have some of the most consistent numbers from behind the arc this season… or at least that’s the hope. As NBC Chicago Sports’ Mark Strotman points out, the Bulls now have the fourth most three-point shooters who made above the league average last season. In total, 129 players around the league shot better than the average of 35.5 percent, and now the Bulls have a total of six players who accomplished that last season.
  • Before this offseason, the Bulls already had Otto Porter, Lauri Markkanen,  Zach LaVine and Ryan Arcidiacono making the cut, but the team added Tomas Satoransky and Luke Kornet who also crack the list. As a team, the Bulls shot only 35.1 percent from the three-point line which put them ranked 19th in the league. Hopefully with the additions or Satoransky and Kornet along with a full season from Porter and a healthy Markkanen the Bulls can move up the rankings pretty quickly. After all, they seem to have the fourth-highest numbers of shooters who could make it happen.
(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
  • Speaking of three-point shooting, look who’s working on his stroke! Thaddeus Young would have been the seventh member of the Bulls who shot better than the league average behind the line, but he just failed to qualify, shooting 34.9 percent. He has a decent three-ball, but it would be nice to see him hit it more frequently. If he can at least be a little bit more confident of a shooter, the Bulls will not feel like they’re sacrificing too much when he comes in off the bench for Markkanen.


  • I just saw this last night and wanted to share it out of rage. No, NBA TV, I do not want to watch as Dwyane Wade stuns the Bulls at the Buzzer.

  • Lauri Markkanen and Wendell Carter Jr. landed on Bleacher Reports “top-23 under 23.” I felt like Carter Jr.’s ranking was appropriate but… PUT SOME RESPECT ON LAURI’S NAME!

  • I’m not sure why the Bulls are bringing this Lolla content, but I don’t mind it.

Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.