Zach LaVine Is Still Out There #Grinding

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Zach LaVine Is Still Out There #Grinding

Chicago Bulls

Zach LaVine is out here twisting and turning his body for our entertainment this offseason, and I, for one, am taking notice.

Over the course of this spring/summer, we’ve gotten a ton of LaVine workout footage to amp up our excitement for this upcoming season (remember his workout in the sand earlier this summer that looked absolutely exhausting?).

Athletes will oftentimes be at the other end of a joke for constantly sharing their workout regimes online, but I gotta say … I respect the #grind LaVine is putting in. We haven’t gotten any shirtless photos of him flexing yet with rap lyrics, so I consider that a win.

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I’ve pointed out a similar sentiment before, but LaVine looks like he wants to win. The NBA Finals hadn’t even started yet when he posted his first workout video, so it can only be a good thing for the Bulls that he continues to put in the extra work.

I understand all athletes are working out in some capacity over the offseason, some broadcast it and some don’t, but it just feels like LaVine is gearing up for the 2019-20 campaign with a chip on his shoulder.

After not making the All-Star game last season, despite, arguably, having the numbers (and votes) worthy, a breakout season from LaVine feels in the works. We already know how gifted of an athlete and scorer he can be, but if he can even manage to look average on the defensive end, then we are potentially looking at one of the best shooting guards in the Eastern Conference.

At the end of the day, we know either Lauri Markkanen or LaVine (or both?) need to take the next step forward this season. While I think the point guard additions will help give Markkanen the opportunity to really shine, LaVine will have all the opportunity in the world to truly run this team as the more ball-dominant and off-the-dribble player

Author: Michael Cerami

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