Feeling Out the Starting Rotation Will Take Time and Other Bullets

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Feeling Out the Starting Rotation Will Take Time and Other Bullets

Chicago Bulls

Whether you appreciate baseball or not, I have a feeling you’ll enjoy last night’s mammoth blast from young Cubs outfielder, Ian Happ.

Check it out:

Did you see how far/much that ball was crushed!? Now all I can think about is sharing the equivalent Coby White highlight, as soon as this season finally gets going and he starts ballin’ out.

  • Speaking of getting this season started … As I was perusing the Twitter-verse this morning, I came across this important reminder:

  • I know last season was dismal, but with a pile of injuries stacking up and the number of minutes on the court dedicated to two-way players, we haven’t actually seen the Bulls starters together at the same time.
  • Wendell Carter Jr.’s last game of the season was on January 15th, which means he didn’t even appear on the court with newly acquired forward Otto Porter (whose first game with the team wasn’t until February 8th). In fact, as Tom Haberstroh has pointed out, the trio of Porter Jr., Lauri Markkanen and Zach LaVine saw only 325 minutes on the court together last season, themselves. But this season, things can be different.
  • Throw a healthy Carter Jr. into the rotation with those three, and we’re talking about a style/level of basketball we haven’t yet seen from this group of Bulls. And that’s exciting! These four players are about to grow together on the court right there in front of our eyes, and they might just pleasantly surprise you.
  • Of course, I wouldn’t expect things to click right away. The Bulls will use training camp and the preseason to get more comfortable with this starting rotation, but the regular season can be an entirely different beast. And while I believe this squad has the potential to get off to a strong start, I’m guessing we’re likely in store for more of a slow, upward trajectory over the course of the season. Considering the additions of Tomas Satoransky, Thaddeus Young, Luke Kornet, and the rookies, this coaching staff will need time to feel out their rotation early on.
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
  • Switching gears … for a little Lauri-love:

  • Despite being two-years older than Markkanen and not necessarily putting up the same numbers, Kyle Kuzma does get more hype than our Finnish friend. To be fair, Kuzma is a flashy player on the Lakers and Lauri shines less brightly (in more superficial ways) on the Bulls, so it’s not particularly surprising. But if you ask me, I take Markkanen over Kuz any day. They’re obviously different players with different skillsets, but still.
  • With Markkanen on the mind, it’s the perfect time the shamelessly plug our post from yesterday! We talked about Markkanen’s potential and what it will take for him to step into “All-Star” status. I highly recommend giving it a read (no, I’m not biased).

  • Do you know what would make this roster better? Just a pinch of Zach LaVine.

  • Speak of the devil! Look at this man get up! ICYMI: Aaron Gordon wants LaVine in the dunk contest again for a rematch… in Chicago! Announce it and I’ll buy my ticket immediately.


  • All aboard the A-Train!

  • This stat is just absurd! If anyone ever tries to come at you with the GOAT conversation, just throw this tweet in their face and walk away like an absolute savage.


  • Per usual, for the love of basketball, I’m just throwing this in bullets. Y’all are just kidding yourself if you say you wouldn’t buy this shirt!


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