Satoransky Digs the Bulls' Potential and Sounds Ready To Take Them to the Next Level

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Satoransky Digs the Bulls’ Potential and Sounds Ready To Take Them to the Next Level

Chicago Bulls

Tomas Satoransky sounds like he’s coming to Chicago with a chip on his shoulder.

With the chance to compete for a legitimate starting position this offseason for the Bulls, many might say Satoransky has something to prove. Although, when you read through his most recent comments to The Athletic’s Fred Katz, it sounds like Satoransky believes he’s already proven enough.

During his time in Washington D.C., the 27-year-old received plenty of minutes as the team’s starting point guard, but all that time came in the wake of John Wall’s injury trouble. Heading into this offseason, Satoransky’s position in the free-agent market was solid, but not great. Team’s were expressing interest, but with Wall in line to be out for all of next season, a reunion with the Wizards felt likely.

According to Satoransky though, he was pulling for a fresh start.

“I kinda felt that that’s what I wanted: To be somewhere, to try a new organization, new situation, new city, because in my years with the Wizards, everyone was good to me. Everyone was cool. I cannot say bad words about a lot of people,” Satoranksy told The Athletic. “But I always felt like, for me, it was always harder than for others. I had to always keep proving (myself) to people. And I always felt like, ‘Man, I’ve done enough to have that.’ So, I felt this needs a new start.”

Clearly, that mindset is what made the decision a quick one for Satoransky, who said he got the call from his agent about the Bulls contract offer less than one day into free agency and gave the green light.

Many NBA analysts and media members praised the Bulls for the sign-and-trade deal (myself included), and the potential for Chicago to take the next step on the court this season feels much easier with his addition.

Many times already we’ve gone over what Satoransky brings to the table, and how the Bulls have gotten their hands on a sizable, hard-working facilitator who can help space the floor. Fortunately, we aren’t the only ones that see are excited to have Satoransky in a Bulls uniform; it goes both ways.

Satoransky told The Athletic he was extremely excited to play alongside new Bulls forward Thaddeus Young. But even more importantly, he’s also expressed the potential he sees in the 22-year-old Lauri Markkanen. Oh, and on top of that, he comes to the Bulls only a few months after former Wizards teammate Otto Porter. According to The Athletic piece, the two grew close during the time in D.C., building a connection on and off the court.

Porter already had a great start to his Bulls carer after being acquired in February of this last season, averaging 17.5 points per game while having above a 48 percent field goal and three-point percentage. Throw Satoransky into the mix, and we could see an even better offensive performance from Porter this season. I know, I’m high on the production value for this team on the offensive end with Satoransky dishing out the ball, but if you dig into the advanced stats, I promise it comes with good reason.

Hearing Satoransky reiterate our belief that he fits this team appropriately is, simply, reassuring. I mean the guy even said: “I think he understands my game. … And I liked that a lot” when referring to head coach Jim Boylen (and considering Satoransky doesn’t appear fearful to speak his mind, I’ll take this as an honest remark).

If one thing is for sure about the Czech-native, it’s that he’s ready for a fresh start. And, hey, both Satoransky and I are happy his fresh start is happening in Chi-town.

“When Chicago actually called and presented me the offer, I was kinda thinking about Chicago, about their potential,” Satoransky to The Athletic. “(They’re a) young team, and I think I match what they want from me. So, I really felt like that could be a good option for me.”

Make sure to go check out Katz’ full article on Satoransky. You’ll get a good understanding of the point guards work mentality.

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