White and Wendell Take in the WNBA, Bulls Representing Around the World, Rodman's Tik Toks, and Other Bullets

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White and Wendell Take in the WNBA, Bulls Representing Around the World, Rodman’s Tik Toks, and Other Bullets

Chicago Bulls


If I can’t have my basketball, I’ll at least accept the return of football to accompany the MLB regular season. I know it may only be the preseason time in the NFL right now, but the Bears kick things off tonight against the Carolina Panthers at Soldier Field.

We probably won’t see any of the high-level talent, but we should get our first look at new running back David Montgomery! Not to mention, we’ll be able to see if the Bulls can find a reasonable kicker (curse you, Cody Parkey!). Go follow BN Bears on Twitter and Facebook now, if you don’t already! Luis is always doing some great work over there!

Okay, now onto our regularly scheduled Bulls programming:

  • We are starting bullets off with some WNBA love. Coby White and Wendell Carter Jr. hit up the Chicago Sky game last night and the two certainly looked like they were having a grand ole time.

  • We talked about it yesterday, but it appears certain NBA teams are looking into having a mini-camp before the start of their regular training camp for team bonding purposes. If the Chicago Bulls aren’t interested in making that happen, at least let us see more hangout-sessions like this. The more time this team can spend together with all their fresh, young talent, the higher chance we have of seeing a better product on the court this season. Team chemistry goes a long way folks, and I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing some Coby lobs to Wendell.
  • Anyway, the game these two took in last night was historic. The Sky went absolutely unconscious shooting the basketball in the 4th quarter and dropped 42 points! As ESPN points out, no team has ever dropped that many points in one quarter since the team switched to the four-quarter format in 2006.
  • The Sky are tied for the third-best record in the WNBA and have been playing some ferocious basketball as of late, winning seven of their last nine games. The team even headed into the 4th quarter trailing 60-59 before erupting offensively and winning the game 101-92. You can check out some of the highlights from the game below.

  • Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, new Bulls forward Thaddeus Young is hard at work with Team USA. He received the invite after a large number of players removed their name from the pool, and now, he’s fighting among 20 top-NBA talents for a spot on the 12-man FIBA World Cup roster. While several players skipped on the event to focus on the upcoming NBA season, Young believe his work at the FIBA training camp is getting him in shape for the season.
  • Young told NBC Sports Chicago: “Anytime you can represent your country and put on that jersey with USA on the chest, it’s huge.” As a 13-year veteran, Young just seems to be thankful for the experience.

  • Across the globe, Tomas Satoransky is also hard at work preparing for the FIBA world cup for the Czech Republic. As of now, we’re unsure of whether Young will be able to crack the 12-man roster for the U.S., but it’s practically a sure-thing that Satoransky will be on the court during the tournament. I think that’s great news for any Bulls fans who are eager to get a look at what the point guard can offer. After all, Satoransky’s first game of the tournament will be against Team USA on September 1st in China.

  • Satoransky also talked to The Athletic recently and gave his input on his new team. Other than being excited to play with Thaddeus Young and Lauri Markkanen, he seems to believe the Bulls young core has a lot of potential to make a statement in the very open Eastern Conference. You can read about what he had to say here.
  • If I know one thing about Bulls fans (sarcasm alert), it’s that they love Cristiano Felicio content. The overpaid big man will be competing in the FIBA World Cup as well for his home country of Brazil.

  • I’m not quite sure what I just watched, but I guess Dennis Rodman has a Tik Tok. He slapped LeBron and scared Shaq away!?

  • Coby White has a choice to make: Jordan or Adidas? If you ask me, this man should join No. 1-overall draft pick in hopping on the Jordan train. It only feels fitting for the new face (hopefully) of the Chicago Bulls to be sporting a pair of Jordans on the court. We talked about the decision yesterday and discussed how the Bulls got their hands on one heck of a marketable player.
  • Remember when Ben Gordon would put up NUMBERS for the Bulls? #ThrowbackThursday

  • The Bulls getting some blatant disrespect on this “All-Decade Team Watch List.” Excuse me, but how is LeBron on here? The man is 34-years-old.

Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.