Not All NBA Schedule Releases Are Equal (VIDEOS)

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Not All NBA Schedule Releases Are Equal (VIDEOS)

Chicago Bulls

For NBA lovers, the regular-season schedule release has become a highly anticipated day.

Organizations have taken full advantage of the opportunity by delivering their schedule in some pretty creative ways. While some teams choose to sit this one out, it’s worth recognizing those that go for gold.

Most people aren’t following every team on social media, so chances are you missed out on some clever and cool videos. I went ahead and looked at how all 30-teams presented their 2019-20 campaign on Twitter, so here are my top-10 schedule release videos!

10. Dallas Mavericks

It was only a matter of time before we saw this one.

9. Orlando Magic

Ha … we get it. The Magic did magic. You can tell the brainstorm-meeting was a quick one, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to watch. If ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

8. Portland Trail Blazers

I admire what seems like a complete lack of care here. The Trail Blazers know people on the internet love cute animals, so that’s exactly what they gave them. You basically pay no attention to the schedule scrolling on the side of the screen, but DID YOU SEE THAT OTTER DUNK A BASKETBALL!?

7. Phoenix Suns

If you follow NBA Twitter, then you probably follow Cameron Magruder. The choice here by the Suns was just a smart social media approach. While the tone of the video is clearly meant to have an optimistic perspective, Phoenix still shows they can have a laugh at themselves too.

  • “Yeah, the Jazz got Mike Conley, but did they get Frank Kaminsky though?”
  • “Yeah, Brooklyn got KD, but did they get Javon Carter? Value.”
  • “The Celtics didn’t just lose Kyrie Irving, they lost Aron Baynes too.”

6. Los Angeles Clippers

The comic book route feels a bit overplayed in the sports world, but the Clippers manage to keep things fresh with this one. I was immediately hooked when I saw Kawhi Leonard doing a classic superhero landing right outside the Staples Center. In general, I think anytime you have to pause to see the full effect on screen it’s going to hurt your ranking a bit, but it’s worth it for this one.

5. Utah Jazz

Admittedly, I’m a sucker for Lego content. But, regardless, the Jazz did pretty well, and if these videos are all about having fun, you’re accomplishing that right here. Highlight: An angry LeBron turning Anthony Davis into a Laker.

4. Atlanta Hawks

Okay, this one had me rather conflicted. In many ways, I think this could easily be higher on the list, but at the same time, it lacked in execution just a bit. I completely respect the choice here to make the viewer think, but it’s not the most effective when trying to deliver parts of a schedule (which is really the point). If you’re the casual viewer scrolling through your timeline, it’s probably hard to pick out which scenarios represent each team. However, if you take the time to go through things and, of course, also like the show Atlanta… this one’s super dope.

3. Brooklyn Nets

If you decide to go the NBA 2k route, you’re probably not going to fail. The idea doesn’t necessarily feel the most original, but that doesn’t really matter because it’s freaking awesome. The Nets already kind of feel like a video game team, so choosing this as the way to release the schedule is certainly fitting. The “Achievement Unlocked” popping up for every nationally televised game is a nice touch and ending with “your opponent has quit the match” is a smart finish.

2. San Antonio Spurs

Honestly, there is just something so fun and charming about this one. The Spurs weave in great cultural touch with a well-produced video that is fun and easy to watch. This make-shift Loterรญa commerical not only gives each team its unique, original logo but it also includes a lot of subtle detail. Major props to the Spurs social media team for this one.

1. Indiana Pacers

Concept wise, some of the other release videos are more original; although, none are executed as well as this one. The Pacers go the ever-topical Netflix route and creatively manage to display their schedule throughout different Netflix programming. The fact that this legitimately looks like it could be your Netflix home page is super impressive. It can be hard to hit a home run with pop culture references, but the Pacers manage to do this perfectly more than once.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Strictly for the summertime feel, the Bulls are worth an honorable mention. Unlike several other videos, Chicago displays its schedule in full with a simple and clear format.

  • With the Pacers one existing, it just makes this one truly feel like in-flight entertainment. Just not as good.

  • Oh, and props to the Kings for making fun of themselves.

Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.