Revisiting Old Drafts, Rose's Prime, White's First NBA Memory, and Other Bullets

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Revisiting Old Drafts, Rose’s Prime, White’s First NBA Memory, and Other Bullets

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Back when I was a summer camp counselor, I used to love any game that pitted the kids against the counselors. And part of the reason was that unwritten rule that straight-up forbids letting the kids get the best of you.

Sure, every now and then, you can let them score a point or fake fall to make them think they broke your ankles, but when push comes to shove and the final whistle blows, you can bet the counselors are winning that game.

… Which is why I felt for this foolish counselor who just got legitimately OWNED.

Props to that kid for making that counselor look absolutely silly. As for the counselor, I just have one piece of advice … learn to pick your battles, man.

  • The 2013 NBA Draft had, basically, everything we want in a draft with none of the correct players. If you don’t remember exactly what this draft consisted of, let me spark your memory with one name: Anthony Bennett. Yes, Bennett was selected No. 1-overall in a draft where there was easily no consensus on the top target. From the start, the draft was unpredictable and straight-up confusing. Which, honestly, is super fun. The Athletic’s Sam Vecenie decided to go through and re-draft the 30-picks based on current production in the NBA. With no surprise, Giannis Antetokounmpo is selected first off the board by the Cleveland Cavaliers (originally No. 15).
  • While the article is a lot of fun, think about it from a fan perspective: it’s basically a draft to forget for the Chicago Bulls. Tony Snell was selected with the No. 20 pick and Erik Murphy came to the Bulls in the second round with the 49th pick (let’s just choose not talk about that). Snell is a productive-enough NBA bench player with his size and shooting ability, but, as Vecenie pointed out, that didn’t really feel like the case until he was in Milwaukee. Although, Despite Snell’s lackluster career, Vecenie actually believes he went right where he was supposed to. If I was doing the redraft, I’d probably have the Bulls trade up to select Giannis. Easy peasy.
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  • *slides chips across the table* I’m all in on D-Rose. Do y’all not understand how un-guardable this man was?  In his prime, Rose might just be able to beat anyone 1 vs. 1.

  • *Quicky slides all chips back toward self* Yeah, I’m sorry, none of my money will be wagered on any of these bets. The most understandable bet is clearly throwing down $100 for Coby White to win ROY, but with a class that included Zion and Ja, you’re probably better putting your $100 elsewhere. I’d love to be wrong, but this draft class isn’t the same as 2016’s (Malcolm Brogdon, Dario Saric and Joel Embiid finished top-three, respectively). It’s always fun to look at what it might take for White to be in the running though, so maybe we can do a deeper dive on this later.

  • I’m the youngest person here at Bleacher Nation and even I feel old. Coby White’s first basketball memory is watching the KG, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen Celtics against the Lakers. Guys, that was in 2008.

  • The comments and quote tweets on yesterday’s bullets just prove why this Zach LaVine “underrated” conversation is so darn frustrating.

  • I will forever be frustrated by cross-promotional sports material … but at least this includes some cool highlights from last year.

  • If we meet out in the real world and your iPhone background is Coby White chilling in a ball pit, we can’t be friends.

  • Lauri Markkanen shared a video yesterday of him dunking on Coby White, and it’s lovely. Not only are we in the dark period of the NBA offseason, but we are also in the depths of Bulls’ basketball, so these little joyous moments of team-building gives me hope, okay!?

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