Coby White Respects His NBA 2K20 Rating ... But Has Plans to Beat It

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Coby White Respects His NBA 2K20 Rating … But Has Plans to Beat It

Chicago Bulls

It’s time for an NBA2k update!

Earlier this week, Daniel Gafford became the first Bulls player to have his overall-rating released (71). And I suppose they’ve chosen to keep the rookie-trend going, now officially releasing Coby White’s rating alongside several other first-year players.

For those of you not interested in the game itself, I still encourage you to take a look at these ratings. In a lot of ways, you can think about this as an immediate grade for each player’s potential. The rating is just another way to help fine-tune our expectations heading into the 2019-20 campaign.

White checks in at a 76-overall, which isn’t half bad. Ja Morant (79) and Darius Garland (77) are the only two rookie point guards who have a better overall rating, and considering those were the only two drafted ahead of White, that makes sense. For more perspective on how good that number is though, White sits with the same rating as players like Miles Bridges, Jonathan Isaac, Jalen Brunson and Kevin Huerter.

In the video above, White comments that he’s feeling “fine” with the rating, referencing the fact that he hasn’t even played a game in the league yet. Wow, that’s a very mature response. Go, Coby.

Nevertheless, White wants to get that overall rating up by the end of the season and said 80 wouldn’t be a bad target. With that answer, you can tell the man has played 2k before. While that may sound like an easy task, getting up to the 80-category for a rookie would be pretty darn solid.

Most importantly though, White is chill with the way he looks in the game. I know if I was getting my own virtual doppelganger, I’d want to know the creators put enough time into making me look legit. Oftentimes in that game, a player can come off the bench looking nothing like they actually do in real life, and White’s hair alone deserves the utmost detail and respect!

Hints at the rest of the Bulls team ratings have been floated around the interwebs but nothing officially has been presented yet. If you’re ever interested in keeping up with the NBA 2k ratings as there released, I recommend visiting this site.

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Author: Elias Schuster

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