The Bulls Are Putting in Extra Work, Carter Jr. Is On Track, LaVine, Lottery Jokes, and Other Bullets

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The Bulls Are Putting in Extra Work, Carter Jr. Is On Track, LaVine, Lottery Jokes, and Other Bullets

Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Cubs winning percentage when I’m at Wrigley this year is 1.000, just saying.

At this rate, my presence must be so uplifting that I should just be in the dugout for the remainder of the season. Heck, why not try this whole thing out with the Bulls too. I bet I could be one of the best bench hype guys around. I’ll even throw endless oops and pull in rebounds during shootaround.

How could you pass up on that offer, Bulls?

  • Pardon the cliche, but the grind never stops. Chicago Bulls players haven’t been shy about posting their offseason workouts, and I sure haven’t been shy about looking at them. For a Bulls team who has done a pretty impressive job at erasing optimism before the season even starts, things feel just a bit different this time around. I’m not saying we are skipping through the field smelling roses, but a solid free agency and draft (in addition to this young roster) are worth being excited about… or at least semi-enthusiastic.
  • Seeing these guys continue to put in the extra work is simply reassuring, and it goes from the top to the bottom. Jim Boylen has been going all over the world to build relationships with his team, while Coby White has been refining his skills at multiple camps this summer. I’m not trying to ride the bandwagon too far, but these are all encouraging signs with training camp still about a month away. The team feels like they care, and, I don’t know about you, but that sure does make me care.

  • In most of the workout posts or footage we’ve seen this offseason, the players have been out of the Chicagoland area. I really don’t care where you are, as long as you’re putting in the work. But from a team camaraderie perspective, seeing many of the players all together at the Advocate Center in Chicago is great. In the images above, we get our first look at Luke Kornet with the team as well as rookie Daniel Gafford. Also, seeing all these guys standing around (including Lauri Markkanen) remind me the Bulls got some serious height.
  • Wendell Carter Jr. is coming off a core muscle surgery, but you wouldn’t know it with these most recent posts. With his injury trouble in the past, some were skeptical of the reports that claimed he would be a “go” by training camp, but he looks to be on the right track. I love seeing him work on his mid-range game in the clip below. For a big man, he has a really solid shooting form, and he needs to take advantage of that a bit more. I definitely expect to see him sink the three-ball at a higher rate this year, but I’d probably like to see him become comfortable nailing those turn-around baseline jumpers even more. His problem wasn’t getting these shots off on the offensive end last season, it was the decision-making and occasional touch on the basketball. If he can shoot 79.5 percent from the line, we know he’s capable of sinking these mid-range baskets.

  • Continuing the theme of today’s bullets, here’s LaVine continuing to look like an All-Star.

  • NBA TV is providing us with Bulls content all day. Everything from Jordan games, to dunk contests to Derrick Rose playoff performances will be front and center on your TV screens… so go turn it on now!!

  • Joakim Noah in his prime was absurd. His ability to bring energy into the United Center was second to none.

  • *Laughs and then slowly begins to sink into the endless void that is Bulls fandom and cry*

  • On an optimistic note, Ricky O’Donnell gets where I’m coming from. Look at Coby having fun in that ball pit, how can you not be at least a little excited!?

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Author: Elias Schuster

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