Are You Taking the Over on the Bulls This Season? And Other Bullets

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Are You Taking the Over on the Bulls This Season? And Other Bullets

Chicago Bulls

Over the last week, I’ve had at least a couple dreams that weren’t necessarily sad, scary or unnerving … but they were inconvenient. Like when you thought you brought a phone charger but then realize it’s not in your bag – that kind of feeling. My life must be full enough of these subtle inconveniences/annoyances to dip into my subconscious. So that’s been fun.

Here’s the bullets.

  • The Bulls over/under has been a hot topic over here at BN Bulls, and it’s not going anywhere yet! While the win total has differed depending on your projection or sportsbook of choice, throwing money down on the over hasn’t been an unpopular opinion. Several NBA analysts have pinpointed the Bulls as a possible playoff contender, and The Athletic’s Rich Hofmann is no exception. He shared his favorite bets of the 2019-20 NBA season in a recent column, with the Bulls falling into his top-9. With a sense of stark optimism, Hofmann advises to choose the over on the Bulls 32.5 (-120) spread. He said the addition of Young should provide a boost to the Bulls defense (which we’ll be talking about more later today) and Satoransky should help level-out the offense. Not to mention, this also seems to be assuming LaVine and Markkanen step up their game. It can happen.
  • #ThrowbackThursday

  • What would the reaction have been if MJ headed to the Knicks? On one end, he already gave the Bulls several Championships at the time, on the other, the Knicks were already an Eastern Conference foe. We’ll never be too sure how close this came to actually happening, but I can’t help but believe Jordan’s goal was to always stay in Chicago. Over the years, the guy built a reputation for being the ultimate competitor … a player that wanted to win at all costs. More championships were on the horizon in the Windy City, and New York would be stepping into the unknown. Plus, it’s better to take a bite out of the Big Apple year after year.
  • Excuse me? Zach, I’m going to turn this car around mister and you’re going right back to Chicago. I feel like this could provoke an unpopular opinion from some Bulls faithful on Twitter, but the guys just having a good time with some old pals. Also, I’m pretty sure on his Instagram story the other day he was in traveling with family too.

  • If you read the comments on this tweet, it certainly feels like Timberwolves fans are hurting. Hey, giving up a talent like LaVine for a topsy-turvy rental of Jimmy Butler probably isn’t the most fun thing to go through. To anyone that doesn’t value LaVine on this Bulls team right now though, just take a look at what he meant to some of these Wolves fans out there.
  • The Bulls have one of the most classic looking jerseys in the NBA, but I still want to see them sport those 90s pinstripes again. I know it’s silly, but even the smallest move like putting on a throwback can excite a fanbase, and when the team is climbing out of the depths of a rebuild, every little move like that matters. Do it, Bulls.

  • Happy Birthday, United Center! Make a wish (it better be the Bulls win an NBA Finals soon)!

  • Yeah, but one of them won six championships.

  • You did this to yourself KD, I have no sympathy.

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Author: Elias Schuster

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