The Best Dunker in the NBA, Satoransky's Performance, the Bulls New Video Board, and Other Bullets

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The Best Dunker in the NBA, Satoransky’s Performance, the Bulls New Video Board, and Other Bullets

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You know what’s important: social norms.

Different environments come with different unspoken rules, and a public pool is NO exception. I was hanging out at the pool yesterday, soaking in the sun and giving folks the last taste of this fine summer bod. But while I was there, this big group showed up with a speaker and water guns. Not only were the far too old to be using water guns, they just made everyone listen to their music with a booming loudspeaker. Come on, now. This ain’t your personal pool. (Michael: Wow … looks like someone is getting OLD).

Anyway, Happy Labor Day!

  • Zach LaVine is the second-best dunker in NBA 2k20 … and I’m offended on his behalf. A player who hasn’t even recorded his first NBA-dunk yet has a higher rating, and while I know that player is considered one of the best rookies since LeBron James, it still just doesn’t feel right. LaVine has proven time-and-time again he’s the best dunker in the NBA (*ahem* two-time slam dunk champion), and even after his ACL injury, he doesn’t appear to have skipped a beat. Also, I have nothing but respect for Donovan Mitchell, but it doesn’t feel as though he’s in the upper echelon of NBA dunkers just yet.

  • Fortunately, the inter-web agrees with this second-best ranking being an absolute crime. The respect for LaVine as an all-around player might not be there yet, but everyone other than NBA 2k seems to know he’s the best dunker in the NBA. Educated yourself, 2k.
  • Tomas Satoransky and Cristiano Felicio tipped-off action with their respective teams in the FIBA World Cup this weekend. Felicio put up a fine performance with seven points and 13 rebounds (you’re still not seeing the NBA court, my friend), but Satoransky put on a clinic against Team USA.

  • He may not have the most flashy stat-line, but the new Bulls point guard demonstrated his versatile skill set. If the Bulls need anything, it’s a mature player capable of making the right decisions at the right time to balance out their young core. Satoransky’s decision making was on full display during Game 1 thanks to several savvy assists, but possibly even more impressive was his court vision. Even when he put up a running floater off the wrong foot, it felt like the right basket with the defender backing off anticipating a drive to the hoop. He also had a great finish over Donovan Mitchell after seeing the open lane and timing his jump just right. Overall, the performance certainly caught the eyes of those watching, and even better yet, he was doing it against actual NBA players who he could see on the court this season.
  • If you want to see more, we went ahead and shared some of the highlights from his game yesterday. Check it out!

  • The United Center is receiving an all-new scoreboard, and, yeah, this thing is next-level. Reported by the Chicago Tribune, the new installment will be four-times larger than the current scoreboard and offer 4k display with the highest screen quality in the NBA. One of the most recent videos released via the United Center’s twitter shows the scoreboard almost complete. I can’t wait to see every follicle of Coby White’s luscious locks on that screen.

  • Rob Perez is asking the important questions:

  • I feel like the easy answer would be something like The Shot during the Jordan era, but I don’t know, I’m leaning toward a D-Rose performance. Jordan was so dominant it would feel like another day at the office if I were palming basketballs for the fake-pass. When watching Rose, there was just an extra element of savagery when watching him go up for a poster-dunk. With that said, I think I’d transform into Rose during Game 4 of the 2011 Eastern Conference Finals against the Miami Heat. He had three pretty wild dunks during that game with an, especially, impressive finish over Joel Anthony. Relive the magic here.
  • Ryan Arcidiacono made his acting debut in a short film about Benny the Bull being an awful lifeguard.

  • Also, this made me think, what would it look like if Benny the Bull actually got in the water? You know how dense and heavy that costume (I mean fur, for any kids reading) must be? What does wet bull smell like?

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