Season Previews, Kornet/Gafford Roles, Jordan's Speech, and Other Bulls Bullets

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Season Previews, Kornet/Gafford Roles, Jordan’s Speech, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

Almost every morning around the same time I see a squirrel run across my window.

Safely, I’m going to assume it’s the same squirrel and this isn’t just a hot-route for squirrels to take on their morning commute. Anyway, today I named him Lyle, which now means I’m emotionally attached. The day when Lyle never returns will be a dark one.

All right, anyway, let’s talk about a different animal now. Bulls Bullets time!

  • I know I’ve mentioned a similar sentiment before, but seeing all these NBA season previews on my timeline has got me so darn excited! As the week’s tick by, we’re one step closer to another season of basketball-madness. Also, I’ll emphasize, as many do, we’re in store for one of the most wide-open seasons in the past decade! CHICAGO BULLS ARE WINNING THE ‘SHIP! Okay, sorry, where were we? Oh, right, season previews. Basketball Insiders put together a pretty extensive look at where the Chicago Bulls stand heading into this season, and I recommend checking it out.
  • The general consensus seems to be mainly positive for Basketball Insiders, but their writers differ a bit on whether the team will be competing for a playoff spot. Nonetheless, the final conclusion by writer Drew Mays is that the Bulls will surpass their 32.5 over/under. Also, unlike past seasons, fun basketball actually appears to be in store.
  • ICYMI: Long-time Chicago Tribune Bulls beat reporter K.C. Johnson is joining the team over at NBC Chicago Sports as their Bulls insider. Although, before he parts ways, he’s still providing us with a good old classic mailbag. A big talking point this offseason has been the expected minutes for Coby White. We’ve seen a wide range of opinions on the matter, but I think Johnson’s right in the ballpark. White should be averaging around 20-24 minutes per game … and that could even increase as the season goes on.
  • You think Luke Kornet likes shooting the three?

  • Honestly, the stat above is why it’s not hard to believe Gafford might easily move into the No. 2 center spot sooner than later. While the Bulls do need help behind the three-point line, Gafford’s defensive upside, rebounding ability and athleticism just makes him a more legitimate option. Although, Kornet could be a very strong role-player in certain lineups, so we’ll have to keep a close eye on how Jim Boylen decides to run things at the position.
  • Normally I hate the use of a “the rest is history” cliche, but this is just the straight truth.

  • The GOAT also celebrated his 1o-year anniversary of being inducted into the basketball HOF yesterday, and we looked back on a pretty cool moment in his historic speech.

  • My excitement for this season skyrocketed thanks to Satoransky’s FIBA World Cup run. Awesome stuff.

  • Wow, this is an incredibly odd group of players to be ballin’ together.

  • If you’re not paying attention to the Chicago Sky, I recommend you do. The team had their first playoff game last night and took care of the Phoenix Mercury. Also, head coach James Wade just won Coach of the Year, so this team’s legit.

  • See, these boys know what I’m talking about:

  • I’m putting Team USA at the bottom of bullets so they can think about what they’ve done! The squad lost their second-consecutive game after not losing an international contest since 2006. Serbia is a GOOD team with NBA MVP-candidate Nikola Jokic and sharp-shooter Bogdan Bogdanovic … but still. Team USA was outscored 32-7 in the first quarter … yikes.

Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.