How Can You Not Love Coby White? And Other Bulls Bullets

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How Can You Not Love Coby White? And Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

Our overlord, Bert, ended up on the Cubs broadcast last night.

I love this gif because whatever this arm movement is seems pretty unprovoked. Everyone else around him is pretty chill, and then he decides to just whip out the finger-point. Now that I think about it … it’s almost like he knew he was on TV. Conspiracy!

  • On today’s episode of “How Can You Not Love Coby White,” the rookie point guard travels to a Chicago Elementary school to motivate children. Admittedly, Bulls fans are pretty decent at showing their support for rookies early-on, but White feels like he’s on a whole other level right now. I’m not sure a rookie has come into the organization and garnered this much attention this fast since Derrick Rose. When you think about it, White isn’t even in line to be part of the starting rotation come opening night, but you wouldn’t have guessed that based on his offseason media exposure.
  • I highly recommend going to check out the video included in the Sun-Times article. White is handing out smiles and his reason for doing so is all the better: “When I was a kid, people didn’t do these type of things for us,” White said. “For me to be able to use my platform and where I’m at to change kids lives, I know today some kids are going to be my fans forever.”
  • In terms of the actual basketball side of things, White told the Sun-Times he has been working out with the entire team (minus FIBA World Cup participants Tomas Satoransky and Cristiano Felicio) four times a week and, once again, gave his new head coach some praise: “Coach [Jim] Boylen’s been doing a terrific job of pushing us, getting us to that next level for us to be a winning team.”
  • Oh, and if you need more #CobyContent (because when do you NOT), make sure to go watch the Bulls’ first episode of Run With Us.

  • Zach LaVine spoke with Fansided about his offseason preparation and his expectations for this upcoming season. The interview’s shared in the ever-so-easy Q&A format, so definitely go give it a quick read.
  • NBC Sports Chicago is continuing its great run of player previews, and the World Cup stand-out Tomas Satoransky is next. The biggest takeaway, in my opinion, Satoransky shouldn’t change a thing. Keep up the efficiency and dish out the basketball.
  • Hang in there, Katy. We’re so close.

  • Speaking of tickets, you can start grabbing yours this Friday!

  • Baby Bulls!

  • Ah, the beautiful moment Nazr Mohammed became a Bulls legend. I’m curious, how many of you were watching this live? I remember my jaw dropped to the floor as quickly as James did. If we are being real though, Mohammed should not have been ejected from that game. His shove was, basically, equivalent to James’ shove. Still salty.

Nazr Mohammed shoves LeBron James to the floor! One of my favorite games I’ve been to and one of my favorite Thibs Era moments. This team played so hard. from chicagobulls

  • They also got mad love for D-Rose in Chi-town.

Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.