The Bulls Big Starters, White in High School, Markkanen-Mood, and Other Bulls Bullets

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The Bulls Big Starters, White in High School, Markkanen-Mood, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

Last night, the Cubs continued to bring pain and sadness into my life.

Fortunately, I was watching the game on one TV and the Thursday Night Football game on another. I never expected a Jags-Titans matchup to console me in any way, but watching my friend take laps around Buffalo Wild Wings, because he had the Titans defense in a big fantasy game this week made the evening a bit more bearable.

Moral of the story: Sports are both fun and sad. Happy Friday!

  • I’ve actually been thinking about this lately, so I’m glad Micah Adams chose to tweet it out.

  • Indeed, the Bulls have a rather big team on their hands, especially in the starting lineup. People tend to not realize it, (probably because of his shorter wingspan) but White stands pretty tall at six-foot-five too. The Bulls also have new additions Luke Kornet (7’1″) and Daniel Gafford (6’11), which adds some nice size under the basket. It’s funny to think that with a team this big, the Bulls could still be one of the faster teams this season. I like that combination.
  • Obviously, a lot more than just size goes into being a good defensive team, but this also isn’t a bad start. The team needs to drastically improve on the defensive end this season (5th-worst defensive rating last season at 112.8), so having multiple big bodies to throw at teams never hurts. Even better, with the guards being the size they are, switching and mismatches can become a bit easier to handle. Again, I’m not sure how much it’ll help yet, but the potential for some big improvement is there, especially with a full-year of Porter and a healthy Carter Jr.
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
  • Coby White coming of nowhere with the motivation! After answering some lighthearted questions, White tells us what advice he would give his future self: “No matter what you’re going through, like I said, always continue to be you, who you are, and don’t change for anyone.” THIS. KID.

  • Also, White said he’s most looking forward to playing the Lakers, so breakout 30-point performance on Nov. 5 is (basically) confirmed.
  • In other words, White against the Lakers will probably just look something like this:

  • Yesterday we pointed out how unfortunate it would be to have to play Lauri Markkanen in high school, but now seeing this ferocious dunk by White, I feel just as bad for these kids. If I happen to find a magical lamp over the next couple of weeks, I’m using my three wishes on Coby White poster dunks (probably all against LeBron in the same game).
  • If you need a refresher on how the Bulls roster looks heading into Training Camp, Slam gives you a quick outline here categorized by type of contract.
  • All right, this needs no introduction, here you go:

  • Bob Rohrman, Peter Francis Geraci, countless Bulls references … is this the ideal song?
  • Lauri Markkanen’s smile is so innocent yet concerning all at the same time. For example, think about a new puppy and look at the picture. Pleasant. Now, think about walking down a dark alley alone at night and look at the picture. I rest my case.


  • Ryan Arcidiacono is coming off a little desperate here, but if any NBA player can become a Jonas Brother, it’s probably Archie.


  • Just GOAT things.

  • I expect a lot of movement up and down the point guard rotation this season. I see Dunn receiving a considerable amount of playing time at the beginning of the season to, not only try and build trade value, but allow White to make a pain-free adjustment into the league. After White finds his footing though, the battle for minutes will be on. Right now, Satoransky is the safest bet to start the majority of games, but I expect White to continuously creep up as the season goes on.

Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.