One More Month(!), Improved Parity, Blakeney Heads to China, and Other Bulls Bullets

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One More Month(!), Improved Parity, Blakeney Heads to China, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

We are three weeks into fantasy football, so of course, I’m already questioning everything about my team (and life). If anyone wants to manage my league, but still give me all the credit when the team wins, that’d be great. Thanks.

  • ONE. MONTH. The Chicago Bulls tip-off the 2019-20 campaign in Charlotte exactly one month from today! Unlike other sports, basketball experiences quite the drop-off during the offseason. While off-the-court drama and various personalities have given the summer a little more content in recent years, the dead period after free agency hits hard.
  • Don’t forget though, we’re in store for one of the most wide-open NBA seasons in quite some time. Just looking at the last decade, the NBA was ruled by four teams: The Miami Heat, San Antonio Spurs, Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors. With all of those squad dismantled and the NBA-duo craze now in full effect, competition might be at an all-time high. In reality, that can be a good and bad thing for the Bulls. On one hand, the East is becoming a lot more competitive with several teams at the bottom on the rise. On the other, the Bulls have a young core that could possibly take advantage of the opportunity.
  • Coby White is a pure soul and we must protect him at all costs.

  • You can legitimately see how amazed he is that he’s finally in the NBA. I know his rise to fame might be a bit slower than Bulls fans want, but the ride to get there is going to be a lot of fun.
  • Former-Bull Antonio Blakeney is heading to China.

  • The Bulls have been releasing these matchup-graphics, and I’m all about it. This is also a good time to remind folks that the Bulls released single-game tickets last Friday, so if you want to cry at the United Center instead of on your couch, make sure you go take a look at the schedule.

  • The GOAT of Bulls reporting officially joins NBC Sports Chicago today. Best of luck!

  • I think I’ve shared at least two or three images of the new scoreboard now, but, come on, how can I not!? The United Center got themselves a major upgrade with this bad boy.

  • Is this my arm? I plead the fifth.

  • As of now, this is a bit hard to believe with how severe the injury looked, but I also wouldn’t be too shocked. If anyone is going to pull off an early return, it would be Durant. The real question though is if it’s worth it. You never want to risk anything, but the Nets could be in a great position for a legitimate playoff run if Kyrie Irving steps up during Durant’s absence.
  • Sidenote: I think the Bulls can stay in games against a Nets team without Durant – add Durant, however, and, yeah … no.

  • I’m not sure how I feel about Benny the Bulls wearing Jeans.

  • Heh, I get it.

  • Aw, like father, like son. The GOAT is clearly the father in this situation.

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