Playoffs Must Be the Goal, Young Was the Top Priority, LaVine's Drives, and Other Bulls Bullets

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Playoffs Must Be the Goal, Young Was the Top Priority, LaVine’s Drives, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

When your co-workers are on a TV show, you make fun of them out of utter jealousy.

Those cookies were good though.

  • The Athletic’s Darnell Mayberry let us know why the playoffs must be the goal for the Bulls this season. Not only does the team need to show significant improvement, but Mayberry illustrates why Chicago’s front office needs to be clear about that intention. With the roster that was constructed this offseason, there isn’t a strong reason for the Bulls not to be vocal about the playoffs being a priority. I understand the element of the unknown looms large over this coaching staff’s head, but the talent is on the court, and there’s no harm in, as Mayberry states, setting goals. Media Day is on Sept. 30, so we’ll get a better idea of the organization’s outlook on this upcoming season.
  • Episode two of the Chicago Bulls web-series Run With Us is out now. We get to hear from Thaddeus Young and, finally, Tomas Satoransky, so I recommend giving it a watch.

  • John Paxson shares that heading into the offseason the Bulls had Young as their top priority. With a veteran leader desperately needed to counter-balance the extremely young roster, the Bulls probably couldn’t have grabbed a better guy. We haven’t necessarily seen the organization take this approach before – and for a legitimately solid player no less! Heading into almost every offseason, it seems like the Bulls sniff around for a free agent, but ultimately decide to play it cheap. This time around, however, the team was a go-getter, making an effort to take Young and Satoransky off the market quickly. I’m not sure what provoked this approach, but let’s just hope this isn’t the last of it.
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  • Yup, he’s got a point. Check out Mark Strotman’s detailed player previews over at NBC Sports Chicago.

  • Excuse me, I feel like a certain point guard is missing? I don’t know, perhaps one with glorious and voluminous hair?

  • Zach LaVine can drive the basketball very well, and that’s just a fact.

  • LaVine is ELITE at getting to the rim. Honestly, considering it feels like he dunks the basketball every time he’s anywhere near the hoop, I’d hope his percentage was this high. Regardless, LaVine was averaging about 12.5 drives per game, and it’ll be interesting to see if he can keep that number up this season. With the addition of more legitimate point guard play, LaVine is bound to have the ball out of his hands a bit more.
  • Joakim Noah is reportedly working out for the Los Angeles Clippers, and if you’re not happy for him, you’re a monster. Noah deserves to land on a legitimate competitor after continuing to work his butt off. He should be rewarded with, at least, one last playoff run.
  • Yup, I’m expecting this to happen every time Daniel Gafford is on the court from now on.

  • The GOAT returns. I like to forget he played for anyone other than the Bulls, but he still went off during his time with the Wizards and averaged roughly 22 points per game during his time in D.C. I swear, if he came out of retirement again today, I feel like this guy would be averaging at least 20.


  • The Bulls are keeping the guards coming.

Author: Elias Schuster

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