Around the Association: The Real GOAT, Kobe Snub, Kuzma Hurting, LaMelo on the Rise, More

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Around the Association: The Real GOAT, Kobe Snub, Kuzma Hurting, LaMelo on the Rise, More

Chicago Bulls

The 2019-20 NBA season is upon us!

Now that we have reached the final weekend of September, teams will be tipping-off their individual media days and training camps. With plenty of storylines already rolling in, let’s take some time to check in with what’s going around the association.

  • Bleacher Report released its list of the To-50 players of all-time. Go find your favorite and report back to us:

  • Clearly, a list like this is always going to spark controversy. However, one thing we can all easily agree on (yeah, you heard my LeBron lovers), Michael Jordan is clearly the GOAT.
  • The major complaints around the interwebs have been centered around Kobe Bryant’s ranking at No. 14 — and they’re warranted. I don’t have a non-stop ticket aboard the Bryant Express, but I’ll do my occasional freight-hopping from time to time. Bryant (and his rings are reason alone) deserves a top-10 accolade.
  • Also, I stan for Steph Curry at No. 10. I think Bryant should be in front of him, but for what Curry has done to the game (and for just how darn electric he is) the sharp-shooter deserves to be in the top-10. I won’t linger too long on this list, but feel free to debate in the comments. I’ll join along.
  • Weird flex, NBA, but okay:

  • I understand the league wanting to ensure accuracy and credibility, but  it’s funny that this is a newsworthy story. It is tough to imagine that bumping your height by two inches is making all that big of a difference in how teams scout you, but maybe it happens at some point down the line. Part of me wishes that this way provoked by a player like DJ Augustin listing himself as 6-foot-10.
  • This isn’t necessarily happening in the Around the Association, but it’s important nonetheless:

  • This seems like it would never actually be instituted into the NBA, but is an interesting experiment nonetheless. Even still … the reasoning behind it seems pretty silly though because I’m not sure reducing game time is all that necessary. Removing scoring opportunities from a team doesn’t seem like the most rational choice, and I expect some major backlash when a player is fouled from behind the three-point line and he misses the one free throw. What if he sank the other two? Those two points could be instrumental in the game later on. The final two minutes will be normal free throw rules, but still, every point matters.
  • Considering the Lakers lack of depth, this could actually kind of be an issue for them:

  • Stress fractures can be tedious, and while he could be fine by the start of the season, his preparation will now be limited.
  • And you didn’t invite, Coby? That’s cold, man. Your loss:

  • The Bulls may not be at the top of the national training camp story list, but I think they’ll certianly be one of the more interesting teams to follow:

  • A new coaching staff, young players, point guard competition … what more can you ask for?
  • LaMelo Ball is getting a bunch of hype, and that’s terrifying:

  • We’ve been fortunate to get a significantly less LaVar Ball in our lives, but if LaMelo is the No. 1 pick, that guy is coming back out of the woodworks. “LaMeLo’S ThE gOatT, UnStoPaBble!”
  • Former No. 1 overall pick Markelle Fultz is looking just fine:

  • After practically suffering a case of the basketball yips, Fultz’s change of scenery seems to be doing him some good. Rumor has it, he’ll be a full-go at Orlando’s training camp. Considering the Magic very well may stand in the way of the Bulls and the playoffs, adding any piece (let alone Fultz) could make enough of a difference.
  • Several teams start Media Day today:

The Bulls are set to have theirs on Monday before training camp gets underway on Oct. 1.

Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.