We're Talking About Practice, It's All on Boylen, Felicio's Three, and Other Bulls Bullets

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We’re Talking About Practice, It’s All on Boylen, Felicio’s Three, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

I miss Jimmy Butler and don’t miss Jimmy Butler all at the same time.


  • ICYMI: Yesterday marked the beginning of Bulls Training camp, so we have plenty of content for your eyes to consume. I’ll just link everything here if you’re interested in taking a peak, if not … that’s cool too. I’m a strong person. *voice quivers* I can handle failure. Wendell Carter Jr. and Daniel Gafford suffer injuries, Jim Boylen is already getting funky with the lineups, and the first day was a LONG one.
  • Before we proceed, I just want to comment on this long practice. If you’re freaking out about it, please stop. Boylen actually provided a rather sensible explanation, opting for a single (roughly) three-hour-long practice versus the traditional two-a-day plan. He explained to reporters yesterday that two-a-days (per the NBA), require at least one to be non-contact, but considering the team was so well conditioned from all the work they put in during the month of September, he wanted to hit the ground running and, basically, reward the guys with longer recovery periods. And if you’re still doubting the idea, keep in mind that even Stever Kerr held a similar practice length.
  • Okay, now we can go back to the normal doubting Jim Boylen thing! As The Athletic’s Stephen Noh describes well, the talent for this Bulls team isn’t the problem anymore. Last season, poor health and depth made for a roster that felt more like a G-League showcase than it did an NBA team. I’ve already been prone to give credit where credit is due for a successful offseason that revamped this roster, but it’s up to Boylen to prove he can use the tools. Are you a handy-man Mr. Boylen?
  • Take a look at some of the action from Day 1!


  • The best part about looking through those photos is the double-take (or in this case double swipe) you have to do after passing a photo of Cristiano Felicio taking a three.


  • These bullets are just a Boylen frenzy. NBC Sports Chicago’s K.C. Johnson also wrote about Boylen and what it was like to experience running a training camp for the first time. One of the more interesting tidbits from the piece is that Boylen has kept all of his practice idea notes that came to him during his time overseas and at Summer League. Not a bad idea.
  • Aw, Coby is trying so hard.

  • Thank you for asking, Chicago Bulls. I am very much ready for this season. And yourself?


  • The Brady Bunch … more like the Bulls Bunch! *ba dum tss.*


Author: Elias Schuster

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