Bulls Lose to the Raptors 108-84

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Bulls Lose to the Raptors 108-84

Chicago Bulls

Ugh. The Bulls are already toying with my emotions.

After a positive finish in yesterday’s win against the Memphis Grizzlies, the Bulls were run off the United Center court by the Toronto Raptors 108-84 (I mean, they are the defending champs).

The first half wasn’t great, but it was probably the most encouraging start we’ve seen from the team. The energy was noticeably different from the beginning, with the Bulls, collectively, looking substantially more aggressive than their previous two outings. However, it was all for nothing as ultimately the shooting woes continued and the defense failed to show up (again).

Ew. Let’s just say I could use a day off from watching Bulls basketball.

I honestly do feel like this team’s heart is in it, but man the execution just hasn’t been there. Every team will have their early-season growing pains, but with the Bulls having such a favorable opening slate, it’ll be really discouraging to see them not take advantage. The Knick and Cavaliers are up next, and you’re not going to get a much better chance to bounce back than that.

Also, let’s hope this changes real soon …

Anyway, here is some Benny content to make you feel better:


Author: Elias Schuster

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