Wendell Carter Jr. Is the Lone Bright Spot and Other Bulls Bullets

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Wendell Carter Jr. Is the Lone Bright Spot and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

The Bulls are being used to insult me now.

This is my life. It’s cool. I don’t mind. Everything is fine.

  • In case you missed what happened last night, I feel like this sums up about all you need to know:

  • The Pacers served up all the fixings for an easy Bulls win, and Jim Boylen’s crew sent it back to the kitchen. While I never like to take credit away from a player after a strong performance, Chicago’s defense has the ability to make anyone “look good” right now.
  • For example … T.J. Leaf had his second-career double-double with 13 points and 15 rebounds last night, despite averaging only 2.8 points and 2.5 rebounds per game over his three-year career. But, hey, he walked out of Bankers Life Fieldhouse looking like the second-best player on the court last night (Carter Jr. was the best … *unenthusiastic* woohoo).
  • Thaddeus Young spoke out about the Bulls rough play after the team’s loss against the Cavaliers, and he was back at it again last night. Young addressed the locker room on their poor individual defense, and you can check out the full quote in K.C. Johnson’s article on the game. I will say this: being at the game last night, I was shocked with how easy it was for players to beat the Bulls on the first step and get an easy straight drive to the hoop. The feet weren’t quick enough and the fight wasn’t strong enough.
  • If the Bulls didn’t have Wendell Carter Jr., these last few games would have been EVEN worse (it can get worse?). The second-year player has easily been the Bulls best player this season, and he may very well be on the cusp of a breakout campaign.

  • He has been by far the Bulls most efficient player, and while we’ve seen the team feed him a bit more over this past few games, we’re getting to a point now where the offense might need to run through him. Not to mention, he’s quickly become the most important player to have on the floor.
  • And when that’s the case, you shouldn’t be asking these questions late in games:

  • My only issue with Carter Jr. right now: he’s skipping out on some open looks. I don’t know if the coaching staff is telling him not to pop a shot like this, or perhaps his wrapped thumb is restricting him, but the Pacers were leaving him open several times last night from deep. Over the offseason we heard about him wanting to add to his offensive game, so this would be a good area to start showing opponents you need a little more respect.

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  • Ugh.

  • Double Ugh.

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