Carter Jr. Emerging as a Leader, Sato Backs It Up, MJ Content, and Other Bulls Bullets

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Carter Jr. Emerging as a Leader, Sato Backs It Up, MJ Content, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

Happy Friday!

I hope after work you can all sit back, relax … and then start to panic about how the heck the Bulls are going to slow down James Harden and Russell Westbrook.

Bullets time!

  • On the latest Bulls Talk Podcast, the guys talked about the Bulls establishing consistency and finding a team leader. The entire conversation is rather thought-provoking, especially when you consider the hierarchy of this team. As it stands, we’ve seen the team’s oldest player (Thaddeus Young) and second-youngest player (Wendell Carter Jr.) step up as the true vocal leaders. Both are upfront with the media about their team’s overall struggles, and both have backed up their comments on the court.

  • Young and Carter Jr. have been the team’s two most consistent players, despite each having a poor showing against the Atlanta Hawks (Carter Jr. didn’t get much of a chance). Funny enough, that’s actually an encouraging sign though. At least on Carter Jr.’s part, Kendall Gill and Will Perdue bring up a good point about other player’s need to relieve him of these “team leader” duties. While it’s great to see Carter Jr. push a winning mentality, it shouldn’t have to be his job right now … it should be Zach LaVine’s and Lauri Markkanen’s.
  • Finally, Bulls’ fans saw Markkanen come out and have, arguably, his best performance since the season-opener. His shot was falling, his defense was decent, and his aggressiveness was there. After the performance, Markkanen told the Sun-Times: ‘‘Yeah, I’m looking in the mirror right after games, see what I can do better … [Being aggressive] is definitely one part of that.’’ When he looked in the mirror after a seven-point performance against the Los Angeles Lakers, he probably didn’t like what he saw.
  • I’d argue Tomas Satoransky has slowly joined Young and Carter Jr. in “talking the talk and then walking the walk.” He’s had his fair share of constructive comments these past several games, and NBC Sports Chicago’s Mark Schanowski does a good job outlining his possible rise to Bulls’ stardom. I know, the performance against the Hawks was only one game, but that was the Satoransky we were all waiting to see. Not to mention, scoring a career-high is always encouraging.
  • Need some fun MJ content? Good!

  • I expect nothing less from the GOAT. Two rounds of golf, ten beers, losing money and then winning it all back a couple of hours later by dropping 50 sounds like an average Wednesday for Jordan.
  • Here is Jordan just casually throwing down dunks in his first-ever appearance at Madison Square Garden. No big deal.

  • We got a full flashback Friday going in these bullets! NBC Sports Chicago has been killing it with these Bulls Mixtapes, and Ben Gordon is up next!

  • Also, I feel like I should reshare this awesome story of Gordon’s battle with his mental health. Great and important piece.

  • DePaul standout and now current two-way Bulls player is living the dream playing in his hometown. Max Strus will be starting his NBA career with the G-League this week, and you can check out an interview he did with NBC Sports Chicago here.
  • Also in the G-League at the moment, theses folks:

  • I feel like Jimmy is half kidding here and half dead serious.

Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.