Markkanen-Frustration, Hutchison Looking Decent, Giannis Is Coming (Twice), and Other Bulls Bullets

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Markkanen-Frustration, Hutchison Looking Decent, Giannis Is Coming (Twice), and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow … until we get sick of it.

  • I might have to start typing up a Lauri Markkanen frustration piece every gameday for good luck. Last week, before the Bulls took on the Atlanta Hawks, we talked about The Finisher’s first eight games of the season, which has been the worst start of his young career. And then only a couple hours later, he had an encouraging, aggressive performance with 17 points, five assists, four rebounds, and three blocks. Yay! Fast forward to Saturday against the Houston Rockets, and Markkanen appeared back to his (new) old ways. Boooo! The big man scored 13 points, shooting 0-5 from behind the arc. To his credit, he managed to get to the free-throw line for seven attempts, but the slow start remains in full effect.
  • NBC Sports Chicago’s K.C. Johnson made sure to speak with Markkanen following Saturday’s loss, and while the “new offense” excuses continue (which is fair in some ways), at least Markkanen recognized the need to attack the basket more: “That [free throw attempts] means I’m trying to be aggressive and drive the ball. That’s one thing I’m trying to focus on. I’m trying to get there even more.” And I hope you get there even more.
  • All right, can you all at least be semi-excited about Chandler Hutchison now? I never had any grand expectations for him after his brief time on the court last season, but he’s looking pretty decent over his first couple of games back. In his first start of the season, he recorded 13 points, four rebounds, two steals and two blocks. For a guy who missed 38 games last season and all of training camp/preseason, he’s looking more like a new car than damaged goods.
  • The Athletic’s Darnell Mayberry talks more about his start of the season, and I recommend checking it out. Also, Hutchison is saying all the right things. He’s growing on me.
  • Yeah, this is weird and not great.

  • I’m kind of happy for the Suns (6-3 with wins over 76ers, Nets, and Clippers) because they’re cool to watch, but this hurt.

  • While the Bulls may not have a player quite like Devin Booker, the makeup of the two teams are pretty darn similar. And over the offseason, they added very similar pieces. You’re telling me the Bulls can’t do what the Suns have been doing? Especially in the East!?
  • Rookie growing pains (more on this later).

  • Remember this Bulls’ fans, at least Wendell Carter Jr. is on the roster.

  • No big deal, the Bulls just have to play Giannis twice in three games soon.


  • Happy retirement to Tommy Edwards! Starting lineup calls will never be the same *sigh.*

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