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Carter Keeps His Promise, Dunn’s Stellar Defense, LaVine’s Ankle, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

Go Bulls.

  • ICYMI: Coby White had a legendary rookie performance last night, hitting seven three-pointers in the 4th quarter. He ended up breaking multiple records with his sharp-shooting, including the Bulls most threes made in one quarter. Seriously, if you didn’t see the highlights, go watch it immediately.

  • Practically all these bullets could have been about White, but considering we’ve got a couple other posts talking about his accomplishments, let’s focus on some others. Amid the Coby-mania, Zach LaVine had a very solid performance with 25 points and five assists. Even though that’s kind of a normal LaVine stat-line by now, it’s still worth checking out:

  • Also, I think I’m officially back aboard the Kris Dunn bandwagon. The Bulls former-starter continues to thrive in his new bench role, being the defensive anchor this team needs in the backcourt. Dunn recorded three more steals last night, bringing his season total up to 25(!), which is first in the league (two ahead of Ben Simmons).
  • Dunn now has 13 steals over the team’s last four games … the guys playing at an elite level. As we’ve talked about previously, he’s accomplishing the same amount of defensive production off the bench as several starters around the league. I know many were skeptical about what his contribution to this team could be after last year’s underwhelming performance, but I can assure you he’s found his niche.
  • Jim Boylen’s right, Dunn’s playing winning ball.

  • Okay, last night was fun, but this is also a very important point we all have to keep in mind:

  • Before White’s electric fourth quarter, the Bulls were stuck in a tight matchup with the Knicks, which is NOT what you want to hear. While Wendell Carter Jr., Lauri Markkanen, and Zach LaVine all scored in double-figures, the team still struggled to prevent runs and extend their lead. Playing a full 48 minutes remains a clear issue for this squad. Some positives can be taken away from Tuesday night’s win, but we need to see a much stronger team effort from this squad against the Bucks and Nets this week.
  • In a scary moment, Zach LaVine came down very awkward and clutched his ankle in pain. I’m sure like many, my heart dropped for a second as LaVine rolled back in forth. Fortunately, the basketball gods were on the Bulls side (for once!), and it appears LaVine walked away unscathed.

  • With the injury news about Lauri Markkanen coming out before yesterday’s game and key veteran piece Otto Porter out indefinitely, the last thing this team needs is a banged-up LaVine.
  • Wendell Carter Jr. played like a boss and had great post-game comments … so nothing new!

  • Carter Jr. recorded his 7th double-double of the season, grabbing 12 boards and 17 points. The big man talked about how he’d be shutting down Portis throughout the night, and he pretty much stood by his word. While Portis had a big three at the end of the third quarter to tie the game, he only finished the night with seven points and three rebounds. And you could tell Carter Jr. was pretty happy about that during the postgame:

  • The rise of Carter Jr. is this team’s best story of the year so far. He is quickly turning into a double-double machine, while also managing to find his place in the locker room as a true leader. If the Bulls didn’t have him on the roster, there is no telling where they’d be (they could be the Knicks!? Can I make fun of them yet? I think so). He’s truly been the team’s MVP.

Author: Elias Schuster

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